Ermias Davidson Asghedom — better known as rapper, businessman and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle — was killed Sunday, gunned down in front of his own Marathon Clothing Store in his hometown of Los Angeles. Two others were wounded by gun shots. Hussle was 33 years old and his acclaimed 2018 “Victory Lap” was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rap Album category.  In one afternoon Nipsey Hussle went from living the inspirational tale of how one man can ascend beyond the conditions of his childhood and become a pillar in his community to being shot to death by an assailant .

He pumped resources back into his beloved Crenshaw neighborhood, including investing in property that housed his Marathon Clothing store. His business acumen and philanthropy had become as legendary as his mixtapes and album sold for over $100. Back in the early days, Jay-Z would buy 100s of Hussle’s records and passed them out to people on the streets.. Nipsey Hussle’s impact on the L.A. Lakers’ players was obvious from how they flocked to social media to pay tribute to the Grammy-nominated rapper.

Nipsey Hussle never shied away from his troubled past, he was a member of the Rollin’ 60s Crips and focused a lot of his early music on the life he lived before turning himself around. He was a gangster, baller, thug and hustler… Regardless of what you do, the past can always come back and haunt.. His net worth was $7 million… Hussle’s last tweet was …. “Having strong enemies is a blessing”.