I have my qualms and hesitancies, but I genuinely cared about Jefferson Airplane. Psychedelic rock is something to treasure, and its key era is one of the most influential periods in the history of music, rock, and politics. Forming in 1965, the “Airplane” played a gargantuan part in popularizing the psychedelic movement. The band had earned a reputation in social prevalence…yo-yoing between vogue and its antithesis. You don’t even have to be high to enjoy some of their best work. By 1967, restless American youths had found somebody to love in Grace Slick, whose trippy onstage provocations, beautiful looks, and outlier attitude shone bright during “The Summer of Love”. She was the bohemian woman who defined a generation in the USA.

Jefferson Airplane                               Grace Slick

Let the truth be told… Canadian rock band, The Damn Truth are a fresh revivalism of the psyche music scene from the mid 60’s.. Critics and fans alike praise their regeneration of the hard rock sound and values. Their current single, “This Is Who We Are Now” is straight up classic rock sounding. Steeped in the ’60’s and ’70’s and swamped by words of empowerment. There are echoes of Grace Slick everywhere you turn. Which is not a bad thing. I’ve said it before, when something is really well done it cuts through things like personal preferences and prejudice. Lead singer, Lee-la Baum has one of those rare talents. It may seem obvious.. with her rock star charisma, her incredible voice and her timeless vibe.. Unfortunately, a lot of artists that appear to have the “complete package” don’t succeed.  Baum’s vocals, are distinctive, with a voice that at times “icy” and become powerful at a turn on a dime.

The band’s home space is Montreal…and they had become quite popular on their own touring…opening for Rival Sons, ZZ Top and Styx.What might have been considered an act of GOD, legendary rock producer, Bob Rock became acquainted with The Damn Truth… after working with Bon Jovi, Brian Adams and AC/DC.. et. al. he found a spirit within the band that he hadn’t experienced for many years..He saw something special… an artist with burning talent that needed the right direction to break wide open…like lightning in a bottle.. Their third album, “Now or Nowhere” is brilliant.. Sure reviewers lazily compare bands that sound like other bands that sorta’ sound like this band…Bullshit! They sound like The Damn Truth…assuredly a great listen for the Summer…