Ms. Arielle’s recent release.., “Analog Girl In A Digital World”.. is one of those records that helps to expand the ambit of what could be achieved with a long-playing record. Yes, I mean vinyl. She has a free creative spirit that in many ways displays daring thematic arrangements and song structure that separates her from what pop-divas… Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish could ever conjure up. It could very well be considered a psych-pop masterpiece. Intricately arranged and woozy with melodic invention. The volleying of going between analog and digital recording is nothing less than genius. She bursts out of the gate with a sensitive bravado. Her music takes the listener into a world that exorcises the demons of technology and propels into a simpler world via a diverse tapestry of songs. Whether singing about social disconnect, relationships that have gone awry or wanting to return to England she tackles all in a magnificent theatrical swagger. She never ops to become wimpy or self-loathing. For all her vulnerability she comes across as someone who is genuinely spiritually evolved.

It’s as if Arielle was placed into the wrong era. She captures the essence of the L.A. music scene of the late 60’s and  early 70’s..You feel her affinity to the “Laurel Canyon” legacy…She would be at home jamming with the likes of Steve Stills  and Joni Mitchell..

                                   Arielle And Brian May
Ms. Arielle at an early age has grown up as a musical prodigy…She is proficient in 12 instruments (last count). She was chosen by Brian May of Queen to star in the London production of “We Will Rock You”. She has created a signature “Two-Tone” guitar that is also endorsed by May. Don’t take her guitar playing for granted… she can keep up with the best of em’.

Rock Bands of had the chance to interview Ms. Arielle. All I can tell you that this lady kicks ass!

Rock Bands of Your album is all over the place… you cover many bases.. I’ve read reviews of “Analog Girl..” is a blues album? I don’t hear it at all…they’re not listening.. you have harnessed the musical style that was part of the L.A. music scene from the early 70’s.. was this deliberate? Did you grow up listening to Crosby, Stills and Nash…Linda Ronstadt.. Jackson Browne…? The music of Laurel Canyon…What music from this era affected you? Do you ever think you were born in the wrong era? Where is home for you?

Arielle: Anytime genre comes up when people are trying to label music is normally where confusion happens. When I think of people like Billy Joel, The Beatles, Queen, and tons of prolific writers in that way, they didn’t have a genre. They just created music that came from their heart. If anything, it helped create its own genre.
I did grow up listening to all the influences are spoke of. Laurel Canyon, as well as living in LA for 10 years. I feel like I was born in the wrong area all the time. Home? Wish I could answer that question.

Rock Bands of When recording the music for the album did you intend it to be a “concept” album? It’s so theatric in parts… “This Is Our Intervention” segueing into “You’re Still A Man”… brilliant! Tell what the vibe was in the studio while recording the album… Who produced the album?.. Where was it recorded? My fave song is “Inside and Outside”.. what was its inspiration?

Arielle: I intended a concept album the moment ‘DIGITAL WORLD’ was written. The vibe in the studio was diverse, since I was in 2 main studios, and then did some overdubs in a 3rd. Most of it was on fly, by the seat of our pants, going with our own musicality and wherever the inspiration took us. And analog, baby! The analog part was recorded at WELCOME TO 1979 in Nashville, TN and THE BUBBLE.
Frenchie Smith co-produced the digital songs with me, since half the album was in digital. The 3rd studio was WIREWORLD in Nashville. Inside & Outside is a song about loving more than what we see of someone. Not just physically, but being ok with every single person, knowing we all have dark sides searching for the light.

Rock Bands of You are a brilliant musician… how many instruments can you play? Did your parents play instruments? Your affiliation with Brian May and Vince Gill…the manufacturing your signature guitars! OMG!!!

Arielle: I think I counted 12 or 13 at one time, but my strongest instrument would be the guitar or vocals. I used to dive around into all sorts, but realized it never ended up getting me stronger with what I do. My parents never played instruments. 

Rock Bands of Arielle, you are so talented… I can’t tell you enough…You are an American treasure… Where do you go from here? Is there talk of touring? 

Ms. Airelle: I am working on a new album, and there is talk of touring for 2022, as well as working on my Nonprofit, THE TONEWOOD FOREST. Planting more trees.    Thank you so much for your support. 

I listened to Arielle’s album over and over and over again… its that good.. In due time every young woman who wields a rock guitar will say Arielle was their influence.. thanks to Ms. Airille and of course the amazing Peter Noble..