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Alex Harvey, the Last of the Teenage Idols

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In 1972 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band was formed. They were cashing in on the huge glam movement that was breaking all over Europe. Alex Harvey, who was of Scottish descent, fronted the band and to my surprise he had sung in the original version of the London production of the musical Hair.He def ...
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L.A. Rhythm and Blues Godfather Dies

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The death of L.A. Rhythm and Blues master, Johnny Otis, ends a chapter of Los Angeles music history passed on January17th at the age of 90. In 1947 he opened a club in Watts called the Barrelhouse Club where patrons could see all the new talent he founded. He was credited for discovering many artist ...
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Cowboy Psychedelia

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Born in rural Oklahoma in 1929, Lee Hazlewood mapped out a genre of music that was termed “Cowboy Psychedelia”. It sounds almost like an oxymoron; but when you learn more about Hazelwood you will feel completely comfortable with the etymology.While being a D.J. in Arizona he hooked up with Rocka ...
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