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Royston Vasie and The League of Gentlemen

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The Aussie band Royston Vasie  derived their name  from a town or perhaps a village known as  Royston Vasey  from a dark comedic British T.V. show“ League of Gentleman”  whose Mayor is played by the controversial English comedian  Roy Cubby Brown acting as it’ ...
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The Electric Prunes WaS vs. Is

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Los Angeles in 1966 was the epicenter of everything regarding pop culture. The scene was festooned with peace and love while Hollywood’s glitz was its show piece.  Bands would play and regardless of their genre audiences were receptive.  One such band that epitomized the Psychedelia movement wer ...
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The Walking Who’s Walkabout

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Sometimes when you are late to the party you end up having the greatest times. As cliché as it may sound music is timeless and so be the case with Australian trail blazers.. The Walking Who. This beckoning and promising trio based in Sydney first attracted attention with their Read more →