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The Confessions of Mon Laferte

There's little known here in America regarding the Latina Diva.... Mon Laferte . Yet, her confessions are embedded within tormentous love songs. Each tune is like a mini "novella" unraveling with stories of amorous  distrust and deceit.Ms. Laferte was born in 1983 in the quiet village of  Viñ ...
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System Corporation.. Dismal Universal Hiss And Teenage Wastland

Categories: Articles
A rock anthem rouses the spirit and uplifts the soul. Sure, it takes talent, purpose and of course  divine intervention.  You can't force inspiration, it comes to you at the right moment. New Zealand rock group, System Corporation have written a song that could ...
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DRAEMINGS And The New Romanticism

Los Angeles band, DRAEMINGS are not a band for the passive consumer. Their music is for those who want to create their own identities within a world that is filled with delusion, isolation and  mistrust.. Just by taking David Bowie at his word being “h ...
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Poptone: Bringing Back The Glory Of Goth

Categories: Articles, Concerts
This is war! For years goth was an underground scene born from the ashes of punk as part of the whole ‘post punk’ era. The scenes’ greatest provocateur responsible for goth’s glory is Daniel Ash. His current project, Poptone includes former Bauhaus/Tones on Tail/ Love and Ro ...
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