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Lucy LaForge and Honey, Put Your Weapons Down

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The music scene in L.A. is the “Ellis Island” of the West. Artists come here to fulfill their dreams and promises to become stars. In the mid to late 60’s and through most of the 70’s Laurel Canyon was the epicenter for so much music. The role of women songwriters became ...
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Lonesome Dave Peverett….Two Centuries of Boogie

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Foghat were in that select group of Brit bands that had many hits in the U.S. yet never any success at home. Their defining moment came with this mid-70s single about  the rock'n'roll mainstay SEX..With their signature song, “Slow Ride”. The rhythm was a John Lee Hooker riff that was the heart ...
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Greta Van Fleet…..The Song Remains The Same

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In Through The Out Door... can swing both ways; especially in music. The most influential band in rock and roll, Led Zeppelin has inspired countless copycats during the past decades – some of whom have taken their Zep worship to brazen (borderline plagiarism) extr ...
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