With summer only a few weeks ahead it’s not to early to claim that Motobunny’s killer smash “Let’s Go Out” could very well be the best record for the hot months ahead. Already being spun on satellite and at some very persuasive radio stations the song has a mighty roar. Back in the day the World Famous KROQ would be spinning Motobunny like a national anthem played at a soccer game. Their album was recorded in the “Motor City” of Detroit; it’s impossible to miss the similarity to the drum start of Bob Seger’s seminal smash.. “Ramblin’ Gamblin Man” to the beginning of “Let’s Go Out”… I credit Motobunny for their brazen turbo-charged approach. The song hits a gallant stride when the chorus commences… call it what you may but great it tis’. Former White Stripes producer Jim Diamond did an admirable job capturing the essence of Motobunny. The video was directed by Matt Eskew and filmed on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City gushes of a lascivious party by two bragging lavish ladies.. Christa Collins and Nicole Laurenne. Together they display the keen art of empowerment. When kids are betrayed by personal dysfunction, drugs, sexual orientation and bullying Christa and Nicole don’t pontificate any solutions; but they do empower fans to have a fuckin’ good time doing it!

Motobunny 2Bob Seger

Motobunny                                                                   Bob Seger

We interviewed Ms. Collins and when we asked about their perspective about music, “ I think it’s a trap to worry about what people will think, whether something you create will have commercial success etc. The fact is nobody will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself! So if I believe in what I’m doing, I will continue to do it at my absolute best, and when it seems to evoke a strong response in people, that’s icing on the cake. Lucky for Motobunny, all of us are very conscious of our sounds and tones and we are always working on improving and expanding our musicianship”.

Motobunny 3motobunny 4

The Motobunny brand formed when two separate bands, The Love Me Nots and The Woolly Bandits were touring together and came up with this idea for a new band. Interestingly, the whole became greater than the sum of its parts. Another point is that the two bands lived in two different cities.. Phoenix (The Love Me Nots) and Los Angeles(The Wooly Bandits). Despite the distance there was a definite synergy that created the new entity..

Motobunny Banner

“We had so much fun making this project come to life. At its core it was really just about friends and camaraderie. I think that energy translated in the songs. I don’t think any of us thought in the beginning it would go much further than a practice room. For me I was looking for an outlet for the songs I had writing that didn’t fit with The Woolly Bandits. Motobunny became that opportunity, and the whole process felt very natural and collaborative. I think the image started to present itself while we were recording. I know I’m on to something when I immediately start getting visuals.”

In 1976 when the N.YC. punk scene at CBGB’s  was prolific the garage psychobilly  punk band The Cramps were noted for being trend setters in an almost “male” dominated world.The focus of their songs’ lyrical content and their image is camp humor, sexual double-entendre, and retro horror/sci-fi b-movie iconography. Their claim was to be the only rock band that toured mental institutions on the Eastern seaboard. I guess there’s something to be said about music and schizophrenia? Motobunny strikes very much the same chord….  almost like a Rorschach test for the millennial generation.

The CrampsMotobunny 5

The Cramps From NYC

Ms. Laurenne has done an adroit job of assembling a social network that is impressive.. As Ms. Collins answered our question on Motobunny’s process. “Nicole is an internet whiz which I am super grateful for, and we have an incredible management team in place too.  The world is your oyster when you can get on the internet. It has completely changed the face of the music business. It has given power back to the consumer in a lot of ways. Although it’s a delicate balance not to become consumed by the social media world! It’s a full time job at times just keeping up with all the social media and email contacts we get. The band laughs at me because I’m convinced that FaceBook was conceived as a tool for the devil to create more idle hands. But what I do like is that you can have a distinct connection to your fan base like never before. And we love getting to know people.”

We at Rock Bands of L.A. com like to say a big thanks to Ms. Heather West and Motobunny for their efforts.
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