Hell Yeah.. Let the truth be told… rock band, Beasto Blanco do not fuck around!  Right on! They provide enough sonic texture that single handedly they can break through the ozone layer!… Yep, joyous pulse-pumping rock and roll with blaring guitars overlapped with rambunctious lyrics. Its more sci-fi than brute horror and more psycho industrial strength-grooved metal than some cheesy 80’s or 90’s glam proto-type tribute act! And live, they prance around like a lab animal in a Ritalin experiment! If you want  your rock and roll with a side order of unsuspecting campiness, then step right up.. The divertissement is about to begin!

Over the span of their recordings, starting with, “Live Fast Die Loud” Beasto Blanco have cast their own scene; making it hard to be pigeonholed by the press and rock radio.. They are too metal to be grunge.. and too melodic to be extreme metal!  What I dig about them is their pounding blast of rock and roll….which is all in the name of fun!  The rock world needs a band that has branched off from the obvious bravado and paved themselves down an engaging back-road. Beasto Blanco could easily be fictionalized in a Frank Miler graphic novel.. or an installment onto a Robert Rodriquez feature film.. If that’s not enough, they could provide the halftime entertainment at a Lucha Libre wrestling match. ..

It’s all about muscle cars…fast women and loud music! Their latest album “We Are”, was produced by Ryan Greene whose earlier credits include, Megadeath, Jay-Z, Alice Cooper, NOFX.. and the list goes on..It speaks loudly to what the band is all about and gives their fans exactly what they desire.. a dogged determination with a generous blend of cinematic landscape; alongside a monolithic dose of kick ass rock and roll. Their lyrics reverberate the admonition of worldly indulgence and the dire warnings of life’s evil temptations.

Guitar and vocalist, Chuck Garric came from the back woods of Lake Tahoe and moved to Hollywood looking to get into a rock and roll band.. He is one “bad ass mother-fucker”… His mom was a hippie and his dad was a biker from Northern CA… Chuck cut his teeth on early Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynrd  and Rolling Stones records. His reputation spread around the L.A. music scene and he hooked up with a bunch of different bands to play bass guitar (L.A. Guns, Dio). But in 2003, by lucky chance he gets hired by Alice Cooper to go on tour … Garric befriends Alaska transplant , lead guitarist.. Chris “Brother” Latham (I have wondered if he is part of the clergy?) who together were working in a record shop  in the San Fernando Valley. They were both CA. transplants so they had something in common. While there they metabolized a plethora of band ideas that were completely different from all the rest. It required an immense amount of courage and determination to now become the focal point of a rock band…Garric and Latham fell into a “tabula rasa” (Latin for a clean meditative slate)… thus the name Beasto Blanco was born… The riffs soar and the solo’s scream thanks to Garric and Latham’s guitar work. The choruses are massive and the lyrics are written by Garric’s wife,  Lindsay.. relates to the lives of their yearning disciples.  Completing the picture was the addition of singer, Calico Cooper (yep, Alice Cooper’s daughter) who convincingly seals the deal for Beasto Blanco, She creates a greater visual presence… A rock chanteuse if you would! Calico is a character who has stood up against oppression, much like her pop, AliceShe may be considered a saint or a martyr. But don’t make the mistake to judge her solely on her performing prowess. She’s like a child of fate who exemplifies  girl power. If you are a fan of the character “Harley Quinn” from  DC Comics, “Suicide Squad”.. you will  have a greater fondness to Calico!

.. While so many bands meander in indifference and have gotten lost in their shadows.. Beasto Blanco are truly the progeny of punk, glam and heavy metal…Right On!

I was lucky to do an impromptu interview with  Chris “Brother” Latham… and just see how he and the band are dealing with “isolation” and the global lock down..

Rocbandsofla.com: Are you a member of the clergy? That’s why you got the name “Brother Chris Latham”?

Brother Chris: No no no… I was in bunch of bands and they started callin’ me “Brother” and it stuck… I dig it.

Rock Bands of L.A.com: I’m going out on a limb… sure you want to claim your influences are AC/DC… Motorhead.. Metallica…White Zombie,, I get that.. but I think you are more into Southern Rock .. Blackfoot… Ted Nugent.. (Double Live Gonzo probably the greatest live rock album ever recorded). … from the new album…”Down”… “Lets Rip”..”Half Life” Ryan Green produced “We Are”.. There’s no profanity?

Brother Chris: Its interesting you picked that up! I grew up on Southern rock and its in my blood.. Skynyrd, Blackfoot and Nugent were my idols… I love that stuff… As far as profanity… much  the lyrics are written by Chuck’s wife,Lindsay. There’s no intent or agenda as far as profanity…We are a rock and roll band and this is what we do!

Rockbandsofla.com: What do you want to say to your fans that’s never been brought up in previous interviews?  What is on the horizon for B.B.  Does Chuck collect muscle cars? Is that a fox pelt around Chuck’s neck?

Brother Chris:I just want to say that we’re going to go back on the road as soon as we can…We appreciate everybody’s patience. We’ve thought about working on some new material…. The fox pelt was a gift from a promoter in Austria..It  fits Chuck’s “Beast” persona and he’s been wearing it ever since..

I’d like to thank Cara Tadman and Brother Chris for their help and patience..