The beauty of progressive metal is that it combines the steppingstones of progressive rock and heavy metal to create a genre that is as innovative as it is exciting. Prog metal started in the 1970’s in the UK before shooting into prominence in the states circa 1980’s. British bands Queen, Uriah Heep and Budgie were the innovators. . While the genre emerged in the mid to late-1980s and rolled into the 90’s progressive metal achieved widespread success… Rush, QueensrÿcheDream TheaterToolShadow Gallery and King’s X are a few examples of North American progressive metal bands who achieved commercial and critical success. The best progressive metal bands have some of the strongest followings in all of the metal genres; and at one time were able to sell out arenas and stadiums across the globe. All the top prog metal bands are known for their skill and charisma.There are elements of hard rock intertwined with prog- metal that incorporates cutting edge strains that usually would not be associated with heavy metal. Underground club DJs and metal producers have been sublimating their societal anxieties into blood-curdling vocals, grating distortion and pummeling blast beats.  It makes a lot of sense; under the surface electronic music and the emo of metal that once filled the iPods, playlists and mix CDs of many of the world’s DJs and artists now have a common ground. Historically, this has been a haven for artists to funnel their angst into fertile ground and to speak their tumultuous everyday surroundings through aggressive destructive sounds behind the guise of progressive metal. It should not come as a surprise that the gnarled logos and artwork that once adorned metal bands for decades are now showing up on club, experimental and even ambient releases. In tandem of metal’s “aggro” doomsday attitude it has started to pop up in the sets of some of the scene’s most forward-thinking bands. Still, it is not uncommon to hear a club DJ slip in some cheeky metal breakdown in mid-set. Whether it’s some sort of “punk” statement intended for pure shock value.  While these bait-and-switch moments ended up being some of the most memorable; even if it is for only for a few bars just to let some chaos in.

During the twilight of the past millennium abusing metal tropes were not simply a testament of how far metal producers were willing to step out of the confines of traditional metal. Crowds still love it and it solidified a connection that has continued to mutate and coalesce for the last several years; influencing the ways that artists would edit and eventually produce some fresh sounding tracks…Unfortunately, progressive metal bands do not create the bravado like they used to. They are still among the most respected and exciting bands in the heavy metal world. That said, all the top prog metal bands are still known for their skill and charisma.

L.A. Prog-Metal band, “BUDDERSIDE” have been around for a few years.. they are the brainchild of Patrick Stone/vocals/guitar… When so  much rock and roll is so monochromatic it’s a blessing that Stone has conjured a more cinematic presentation: much like during the late 50’s when Hollywood films were filmed in cinemascope!… Their first self titled album, “BUDDERSIDE”” was released in 2016 and met some good reviews but didn’t really move the proverbial needle..which was unfortunate.. The album sets itself apart from other metal albums and with the dwindling potency of rock radio it has become even harder to break…The album’s highlights were, “Ska-Bra” and “Pain”..In a previous interview Stone highlighted his “quah” for creating a noteworthy debut  album. Having been personally signed to Motörhead Music/Silver Lining Music by the late Motörhead icon, Lemmy Kilmister the spiritual fruition became more apparent for Stone…You see Stone was the roadie for Kilmister and they created a very prolific bond together. In fact Paul Inder Kilmister (son of Motörhead’s dearly-departed, legendary, Lemmy) produced an almost perfect debut release.. yes… it’s that good!

Budderside have on deck a new album which will be released March of next year… with Jay Baumgardner (Bush, Godsmack, Papa Roach)   producing… The first glimpse of the new record is the song, “Zen” captures the essence of Patrick Stone’s spiritually evolved vision.. the video was shot in Tokyo and has a compelling storyline…I’ve realized that Stone is deeply affected by the supernatural and its reflected in the video… cleverly balances a boisterous pop-tinged melody built on a pulsating bassline with plenty of powerful guitar riffing and its chorus employs layers upon layers of power chords…Utterly kicks ass! Stone’s bravado come from a mindset  to comprehend of all twists and turns of life–politics, sex, philosophy, rage, love, religion, sound- and express them all with one unifying statement racing through it all; and Stone is far from obstructed by any preconceptions of a rock  and roll band…..We love this band….And can’t wait till we can hear the new album which will be titled, “Spiritual Violence”..

We were able to get together with Patrick  Stone from Budderside for an exclusive interview…

 Rock Bands of I love most about your band is that your sound is so much more austere… so many bands have lost their sense of melody.. yet, Budderside is all about melody.. When writing do you consciously have a melody stuck in your head?

Patrick Stone: Thank you. Yes, I often can hear the voices as if they are right there next to me. Other times I’ll have to try a few things before it works. ‘Zen’s” melody and lyrics fell from the sky, like someone was handing them to me. I love when it happens like that.

Rock Bands of melody of the chorus during “Zen” is so fuckin’ strong! The video is incredible… did you come up with the story board??

Patrick Stone:I’m glad the chorus grabs you, man. That rules! Thank you about the video. It’s mind blowing, for sure. Originally, we were going to film here in LA, of course. We began to make plans for our director Erik Bishop, to come and shoot. He had moved to Tokyo since shooting our ‘Open Relationship’ video off the first album and he suggested coming there to shoot. After honing in on the concept, he shared the idea of ghosts and Japanese folklore playing into the true meaning of the song. It would be authentic, and the scale of special effects really got me excited. I couldn’t resist and we made it happen. Japan was amazing.

Rock Bands of did you grow up?

Patrick Stone:“I grew up in Saratoga, Northern California.”

Rock Bands of What music inspired you while growing up?

Patrick Stone:“I loved Queen and Pink Floyd, but music of all styles influenced me.”

 R.B.of your family turn you on to music?

 Patrick Stone:“My grandfather played piano for Jimmy Dorsey, so swing was in my blood. Dad loved Sinatra so that sunk in. My sister, god rest her soul, was by far my biggest influence, along with my brother. They would crank AC/DC and Quit Riot, Stones, Zep, The Who, all the good shit. My mother would encourage me to sing along to anything and everything that came on the radio.”

 Rock Bands of do you see the future of the rock music scene here in L.A.?

Patrick Stone: “We’re extremely optimistic. A lot of the swamp has drained. If you ain’t for real, you might have given up through all this 2020 crap. We see a lot of mainstream artists going with real rock bands to back them up. You really can’t stop Rock N Roll. It’s an attitude, truly.  The world is more irritated and fed up with the system now more than ever and Rock N Roll is the purest outlet to get things off our chests. You can’t beat politics with petitions, only music can lead the world to a better place. Concerts shape and define the critical mass, they help us empathize  and understand each other. We all feel it, know it, standing there together, singing along to those who sing our favorite songs to us. I know it’s going to feel better, it will be more meaningful and more powerful than ever before, very soon. We see it thriving.”

 Rock Bands of always read that rock and roll is dead! I think that’s bullshit… You look at the numbers of rock and roll and see that there so much less than rap or pop…. How do you see the future of rock and roll??? The disparity of rock streaming vs. pop is dramatic!

Patrick Stone:“As a child I loved that we were the rebels, the outcasts, the handful of those who had insight beyond what all the sheep were following. The same applies today, yet there are millions and millions more people into rock than ever before. I take quality over quantity any day. I love that compared to the masses we still are the misfits of the world. There is something so honest about rock n roll. We face what’s fucked up and own that shit. Let them have whatever they like. We know what’s really cool when we hear it, when we feel it. Hats off to Miley, Malone and MGK. Rock n Roll is alive and strong. They prove it, right here in Los Angeles.”

Rock Bands of always ask L.A. rock bands… what can you share as far as advice for new rock bands??

Patrick Stone:“I’ve never done anything without the help of truly amazing and well- connected people. If it’s meant to be for you, put yourself to it and give 1,000%. Be honest and selfless, bad-ass motherfuckers will see right through you and spit you out. But, if you truly have something worthwhile and you stay true, the universe can open up to opportunity far beyond your wildest dreams.”

Rock Bands of did you meet Lemmy???? He was a pretty cool guy..

Patrick Stone:He was THE COOLEST. An x-girlfriend of mine, Mari, introduced us while we were together. The two of them were incredibly close and I am forever grateful to have become a part of the family. I seemed to fit right in. We would see each other everywhere–our house, rehearsal, Lem’s and the recording studios. Even Philthy would come by often. We’d all play and talk music together and hang, often times for days. Phil Campbell offered me a job tuning the bands guitars one day and off we went. That led to a lot of encouragement and inspiration from them to really do it myself. A thousand dirty stories later, here we are. Ha!”

Just a note… BUDDERSIDE are doing a virtual concert from the world famous Whiskey a Go Go on Dec. 24th….You don’t want to miss this show!

We want to thank Ms. Kelly Walsh and Patrick Stone for their help….