Calico the band is ready to embark on a phenomenal trip with the release of their debut album Rancho California. “Calico” is an acronym for “California Country” but don’t let semantics under rate the nuances of this musical feat. Perhaps drawn together to Los Angeles by the infamous Santa Ana winds this brilliant trinity of ladies can create a solid role in becoming a breakthrough artist in the Los Angeles music scene! 1398381315_CALICO_the_band_red_crop_Wenzel D1003

Calico the band.. Manda Mosher..Kirsten Proffit.. and Aubrey Richmond

The band is made up of Kirsten Proffit, Manda Mosher and Aubrey Richmond.  Together they share in all of the musical credits so that their  acumen always remains paramount and evolving.  Instead of moving to other musical vortexes  like Austin or Nashville Calico the band senses their destiny stays put in L.A. and to create a center piece for musicians to coagulate and draw out their musical muses. In addition, they feel that there is a stronger sense of community that they feel so attached to. The album is brilliantly produced by Ms. Proffit and Steve Berns along with the musicianship of the band. This gifted trio have no problem strumming the iconic Gretsch guitars and creating a modern topography of sounds. There has always been a romance between the Gretsch brand and rock and roll.; whether it was Eddie Cochran, Neil Young , Duane Eddy, Brian Setzer  or George Harrison.

eddie guitar  Neil Young CSN&Y  duane eddy

brian-setzer600 1350691600_axes harrison    

 The Legion of Gretsch Guitar Players

With their inseperable three part harmonies they come together to create pictures in the sky that help their souls get by. Prophecy never tires and that’s what makes rock and roll so great. More often than not movie directors put music into their films to set a mood for the viewer; in the case of Calico the band their songs are so captivating that they are worthy of inspiring movies. Rancho California is to music as technicolor was to film in the 50’s and 60’s.     Candid-insert-band-photo-1024x682joni mitchellCalico 5

Calico the band….. Graham Nash & Joni Mitchell.. Ladies of the Canyon

Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Byrds  and Buffalo Springfield created a fraternity of musicians that made songs  much like Calico the band is doing now. Joni Mitchell after 61 years of smoking has taken its toll on her singing. At the age of 71 she is disenchanted with American society. She dismisses  record companies as if they were Velveeta cheese and has caused her torrent angst and paranoia. All this has taken away her creative motivation. Usually songs are written and placed in films for aural connection but in their case movies could be made for their music. Rancho California will do to music as what Technicolor did to movies in the 50’s and 60’s.  These three talented ladies have lassoed a sound that enjoys the elements of country, Americana and rock; but to be more accurate they take their cues from the music of Laurel Canyon.

csny100613wfrank zappamama cass

Part of Laurel Cyn’s Musical Heritage: CSN&Y,Frank Zappa and Mama Cass With Hendrix 

Yes, Laurel Canyon decades back and still today is the epicenter of California rock music. Calico the band have certainly proven that you can put lightening back into a bottle and return to the canyon of love! These beautiful ladies internalized their songs and morphed it into a sonic tapestry.  It’s an album based on peace, love and integrity. Sure their musical perspective is thematically strained by female ideals but you can’t help by being absorbed by its lyrical lust and passion. The pictures they paint in the sky will help our souls get by. The album starts with their lead radio track, “High Road” and it sounds like a herd of galloping horses racing on the plains searching for salvation. If this wasn’t a brilliant start the track “Fools Gold” with its magical line “fools gold without you” sounds like a song that Stevie Nicks never could write.

Calico the band songs will further evangelize the role of women singers as did with the collaborative divine intervention of Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. Dolly Parton brought back with her classic track, “Jolene” which electrified the youthful audience at the Glastonbury festival in Britain earlier this summer. Could this mean a beginning of California Country spreading across the globe?  Linda Ronstadt recently was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for her part in bringing country rock to the masses. Her boyfriends included Governor Jerry Brown and Star Wars director George Lucas; the tabloids had the “perfect storm” with Ms. Ronstadt’s personal life. Unfortunately Linda is deep into the claws of Parkinson’s disease leaving her unable to sing due to loss of muscle control. Lastly Emmylou Harris who’s collaborative dossier  epic.

Ronstadt 2dolly parton.2emmylou-harris

Ronstadt… Parton… Harris.. Trio

The Byrds..”You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”

Rancho California with all its virtues ends on a passionate note with their version of “You Ain’t Goin Nowhere”. The stars are this band’s chart and The Byrds were their favorite rock and roll band. When the  Byrds with mystical guitarist Gram Parsons took flight as one of rock and roll’s most inventive and influential bands they created a masterpiece of work finely tuned to the moment but timeless in its song craft and pure musicianship. Their legacy continues with artists like Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones and The Eagles.They dabbled with the palate’ of Dylan, Pete Seeger and psychedelia, yet built the foundation for country rock. Like the Byrds Calico-the band took this song and made it their own for a new generation

. gram-parsonsbyrds

Gram Parsons trekking at Joshua and The Byrds..America’s greatest rock band

“Rancho California” just may take  a small step back but in turn it takes a major musical leap forward. Calico the band’s song writing and their instrument proficiency are mind boggling; they create a sort of Town Hall Party to their performances.  When  they sing of tormented love  making  for great romance and memories. But it’s all in fun.. sort of! The sun may set in California but its always shining in Rancho California.

1398115422_sitting_photoshopMitchellRock Bands Hollywood

Their record release show was like a review of L.A’s greatest musicians Calico the band absolutely killed a sold out crowd. The only drawback was it ended too soon. I felt privileged to have  witnessed this incredible town party. One song that really stuck out was “Runaway Cowgirl” a story of a lost soul trying to reach for redemption…

I wanted to thank the entire group of Calico the band and their brilliant press impresario Melissa.
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