From the wreckage of British rock band Free came Bad Company. A group fronted by one of the greatest rock singers.. Paul Rogers.. also featuring on drums former Free band mate, Simon Kirke… Mott the Hoople guitarist… Mick Ralphs..who bolstered the band by his fluid and exciting guitar work and just adding to the band’s credibility Rogers  hires King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell. Beginning with the band’s name… Bad Company,  It suggests an undercurrent of adventure and rock and roll debauchery. Their 1974 album debut..”Bad Company” decidedly proved that the band was proudly not progressive and stayed true to its rhythm and blues roots! If anything, they excised the excesses of Free.. — there are no winding jams and very little color added by way of keyboards or excess airy production. . . Appropriately, given their name there was a sense of slow churning menace associated to Bad Company.

                                               Bad Company

Paul Rogers’ vocal range is what made Bad Company the force they became. His voice is Bad Company’s virtuoso instrument. In the history of Brit rock, he’s one of the most respected singers of all time. He shares with Rod Stewart a vocal delivery that derives its expressiveness from a shifting emphasis on its jagged edges and its delicate soulful center. Although Rodgers’s expressive abilities matched Stewart’s, his taste in material as did not.  . Appropriately enough given their name, there was a sense of slow, churning menace to Bad Company. Their debut album, “Bad Company” went to #1 on the American  album chart and it spawned two Top 40 singles while spending 25 weeks on the British charts! For whatever reasons, they were an underappreciated band. Luckily, for many years they had kept their heads down as they did their business.

King King

Glaswegian band, King King is an uncompromising rock and roll outfit! “Exile and Grace” being their 4th album, grapples with rock roots as much as it propels the talents of its participants. It’s all the more impressive in light of the fact that it was recorded in such a short time. The stylistic rigidness of King King may prevent the band from becoming a super-group right off the bat, but the album’s raw strengths will surely draw die-hard rock & roll listeners.. They embody that “white boy gospel” which any rock band would only dream of. They aren’t a band seeking vengeance..they are a band reaching for resolve!

Even the quickest songs — the blues boogies of “Gimmie No Lovin'” and “Tear It All Up” — don’t exactly proceed at a rapid clip.  Yet, there’s a steadiness in their sound that makes the quartet sound heavier. It’s hard rock painted in stark black & white: cranked guitars mirrored by a deliberate wallop from an impressive rhythm section. “Exile and Grace” is made to be listened to loud and can easily be placed among the stacks of  the great classic rock albums of the 70’s! Everything they do on this album has purpose and power.

I had the chance to interview, guitarist and singer for King King… Alan Nimmo… and he will tell his tale…

Rock Bands of Your name… King King… could it be from the L.A. club with the same name that was the home of many of L.A.’s great blues journeymen? The club eventually burned downed… they say the owner owed a sum of money to the mob?

Alan Nimmo: Yes, you’re right… the name was taken from the famous blues club in LA! One of our favorite blues bands were “The Red Devil’s” who recorded their one and only live album there and titled it King King also! It’s also a slight tip of the cap the great kings of blues.. Albert, Freddie and B.B!

L.A’s Original.. The King King Club… Alan Nimmo. Guitarist King King

Rock Bands of up in Scotland… What was it like? What music did you grow up on? Who taught you how to play?

Alan Nimmo: Growing up in Scotland in the late 70,s 80’s and 90’s there was a great choice of music to listen to and a lot of it home grown. I love guys like Frankie Miller and Jimmy Dewar… but the music that really captured me was that of bands like Free, Bad Company, Thin Lizzy and early Whitesnake! I basically learned guitar from a few people.. my older brother Stevie Nimmo, Malcolm and Angus young, Peter Green and Eric Clapton! There are many others but the list would go on forever. I just picked up the guitar and messed around until I sounded like these guys… I’m still trying!

Alan Nimmo..

Rock Bands of happened to your band? “Exile and Grace” is a quantum leap on an album… The songwriting improved… It’s your 4th. what did you learn from your earlier recordings? You’ve elevated your game from being just another blues band to delivering a great rock album. 

Alan Nimmo: Well first and foremost I don’t believe we were ever “just another blues band” I believe we always had something extra to give but with each album we’ve done we have improved and the song writing has become stronger. I think that the more experience I have gained as a writer over the years.. the more comfortable I am in doing so. Therefor a lot of my early musical influences start to bubble to the surface and hopefully that will continue in to the next album after “Exile & Grace”!

Rock Bands of Rock and roll is having a tough time in America… We’ve seen the success of Greta Van Fleet..yes, they’re doing that Led Zeppelin thing.. What would you say if I think King King is doing a Bad Company thing? Do you think that this is just an appreciation for classic rock? Retro?

Alan Nimmo: Well bands like Zep and Bad co. Are the stars of that genre so if we get compared to them then I take it as a compliment! I can honestly say that King King are not re-inventing the wheel… we’re just playing classic rock with a fresh energy to it and I truly think we’re writing some decent songs and I hope that those things will allow us to make our mark in the musical community! The thing I pride myself on the most is not my musical ability but my passion and honesty in performance and writing!

Rock Bands of How did King King get together???

Alan Nimmo: Thank you I really appreciate that.. myself and Lindsay Coulson (bass) started the band as a little project for us to fill our weekends in with. And that’s the truth.. we live 300 miles apart and are great friends and doing some little bar gigs was a way to get together for a beer and make a few bucks… it very quickly turned In to something a lot more serious than that and after working with a few different drummers and keyboard players we settled on our foursome and we’ve been rocking ever since!

Rock Bands of Any plans to come to America????

Alan Nimmo: There are always plans to come to the States… I know we have quite a few fans out there now thanks the wonder of social media so if you guys just hold on a little longer we are working on it and we’ll let you know as soon as we have a plan ready to put in to action!

We would like to thank… Alan Nimmo of King King.. and the great Peter Noble…

King King’s new album “Exile & Grace” is released by Manhaton Records Their UK tour kicks off at

London Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Wednesday 17th January 2018. Tickets: