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Bright From the Start: The Simple, Science-Backed Way to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind from Birth to Age 3

There's little known here in America regarding the Latina Diva.... Mon Laferte . Yet, her confessions are embedded within tormentous love songs. Each tune is like a mini "novella" unraveling with stories of amorous  distrust and deceit.Ms. Laferte was born in 1983 in the quiet village of  Viñ ...
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Poptone: Bringing Back The Glory Of Goth

This is war! For years goth was an underground scene born from the ashes of punk as part of the whole ‘post punk’ era. The scenes’ greatest provocateur responsible for goth’s glory is Daniel Ash. His current project, Poptone includes former Bauhaus/Tones on Tail/ Love and Ro ...
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Chuck Berry And His Life Of Crime

As one might guess from his aggressive guitar playing and the defiant tone of many of his songs, Chuck Berry had a hard edge. He was a self-proclaimed bad ass mother fucker! Although Berry complained bitterly that he spent his life as a victim of racism, it was difficult to blame all his offences ...
Worlds on Fire (DOOM 3, Book 1)
Organic: A Journalist's Quest to Discover the Truth behind Food Labeling

Twin Temple Reclaims Goth

It’s time to reclaim the name of goth, and make it great again. So let it be said that L.A. Goth band.. Twin Temple have made themselves the new "dark angels" for the movement. There’s a sense of sinister tribalism in their appearance and music that makes them so awesome. It’ ...
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Mondo Cozmo.. Shine and Devine Intervention

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Mondo Cozmo’s ( aka Joshua Ostrander) track, “Shine” is a song festooned with human subjectivity and a phenomenon for the inner soul. There aren’t many songs where divine intervention strikes; but in a world that is taken by language, technology, politics and mass media there can be wisdom ...
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Hey Now… Jeff Beck.. Loud Hailer

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Jeff Beck shows at 72 years old he can still give rock and roll quite a wallop! When his contemporaries are befuddled with geriatric issues of still having babies, illness and law suits Beck has once again created an album, his 11th titled Loud Hailer of ingested musical Viagra. Jack White and Frank ...
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Ruthless (Annie Carter Series, Book 5)

Andy Clockwise—- Dystopia In The Good Book

Prophecy doesn’t happen very often especially when it comes to music. Australian born Andy Kelly…aka.. Andy Clockwise proves  that in between genius and madness there is divination! His recent E.P. release party  of “The Good Book” held at the world fa ...
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Mike Edel…. Blue Above The Green

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If there was a person whose music could be described as counter culture of current days it could very well be Canadian born singer, Mike Edel. No, Mike Edel is not some hippy throw back freak by any means but his thoughts may resemble those of ecological righteousness and allegiance to his native Ca ...
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Biters….. Low Lives in High Definition

Before heavy metal, thrash, speed metal, black metal, glam metal  and nu-metal, their hard-rock precursor blasted from arenas worldwide. Simple straightforward songs about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (and the occasional power ballad) from the likes of AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Kiss, Led ...
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The Electric Prunes WaS vs. Is

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Los Angeles in 1966 was the epicenter of everything regarding pop culture. The scene was festooned with peace and love while Hollywood’s glitz was its show piece.  Bands would play and regardless of their genre audiences were receptive.  One such band that epitomized the Psychedelia movement wer ...
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