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Mollie Marriott.. Every Picture Tells A Story

A highly underrated singer, at times redolent of Janis Joplin, the great Maggie Bell had been unable to secure a distinctive radiant career.  She first attracted notice when she jumped up on stage at a show in Glasgow to wail with Alex Harvey of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. ...
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Silent Rival And The Kindness Of Strangers

One of those beloved bands that never could get a break: the Los Angeles trio The Nerves, who were the talk of the West Coast club circuit during their brief lifespan (1974-78), but only recorded one four-song EP in that time, and were eclipsed by the burgeoning L.A. punk scene. Th ...
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Lucy LaForge and Honey, Put Your Weapons Down

The music scene in L.A. is the “Ellis Island” of the West. Artists come here to fulfill their dreams and promises to become stars. In the mid to late 60’s and through most of the 70’s Laurel Canyon was the epicenter for so much music. The role of women songwriters became ...
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Livin’ the blues… Papermoon Gypsys Style

Ain't it the truth. If you've ever been down, sad, miserable or otherwise out of sorts, then you've had the blues. Getting rid of the blues can be as simple as listening to the blues, one of the oldest American song forms and musical styles around. The blues has its own language. It’s a musical ...
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Wasn’t Born To Follow.. CALICO —the Band

In a world rife with the epidemic of over consumption and commodification, CALICO-the band’s music provides a well needed retreat. To those suffering from feelings of emptiness in the urban metropolis of Los Angeles their discerning lyrics offer much hope. In what is their second ...
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Starcrawler … Shock In Awe

Starcrawler are the best fuckin’ rock and roll band in Los Angeles! Okay… I said it! I wasn’t able to relate to the early L.A. punk scene. It just wasn’t part of my tribe.…I related to the ethos but not the style.. What encapsulated L.A. punk was three-chord songs that wer ...
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DRAEMINGS And The New Romanticism

Los Angeles band, DRAEMINGS are not a band for the passive consumer. Their music is for those who want to create their own identities within a world that is filled with delusion, isolation and  mistrust.. Just by taking David Bowie at his word being “h ...
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Twin Temple Reclaims Goth

It’s time to reclaim the name of goth, and make it great again. So let it be said that L.A. Goth band.. Twin Temple have made themselves the new "dark angels" for the movement. There’s a sense of sinister tribalism in their appearance and music that makes them so awesome. It’ ...
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Dusty Springfield Born This Way

Long before Adele, Lady Ga Ga, Duffy, Byonce’, Amy Winehouse there was Dusty Springfield.  Born as Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien in 1939, the "dumpy red-headed" daughter of Irish immigrants in West Hampstead,England.  Springfield’s career extended from the late 1 ...
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