Sometimes you have to drive a long distance to find your muse. Our muse at Rock Bands of L.A. com is Rock and Roll and we aren’t afraid to admit it. Great rock shows seems to be overlooked because of the nature of the beast.
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Buckcherry are America’s Rock and Roll Outlaws

Last week’s stunning bill of The Virginamarys and Buckcherry showed that rock and roll is a lifestyle and that there aren’t any substitutes. Josh Todd, singer of Buckcherry came out and proved that no stage is too big. Simply, Buckcherry doesn’t fuck around. From their first song- the cocaine inspired “Lit Up” they showed that they are pissin’ vigor and determination to please any rock aficionado. They just kick ass..

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Buckcherry Kickin’ Shit in Ananheim

Buckcherry “Lit Up”

Todd strut across the stage with ownership and when he took his shirt off you saw the glimpse of a true rock journeyman. They say that a person’s tattoos tell their story. In his case it would be an encyclopedia. Growing up in Anaheim, CA., Todd lived his life in the fast lane. Considered at his early age a juvenile delinquent he knew that the tempest of life was that of a person that played the basketball game of “horse”. As a troubled lad he knew that if he were to be great he’d have to copy and then excel at his next shot on the court. The partisan crowd knew that Buckcherry would show that they had big balls at their game. Coincidently they mimicked a few choruses of the AC/DC.. Bon Scott era of “Big Balls”.

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The Amazing Josh Todd and Some Mean Son of a Bitches

Whether it was the resounding chorus of their megahit power ballad, “Sorry” or the lyrically offensive but true to heart rocker “Crazy Bitch” there was not contest of who was going to win the dunk contest.

Buckcherry “Sorry”

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Buckcherry introduced tracks from their confessional new release, “Confessions” whose theme is about the seven deadly sins. A true rock band’s cathartic window isn’t limited to a mere seven… in the case of “Cherry”, the confessional booth would have to be closed for maintenance for all of their sins.

The Virginmarys

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Hangin’ Out With the Crew.. The Virginmarys

The Virginmarys are perhaps the world’s greatest rock band! Their mass popularity is waiting at the wings and they are not going to take any prisoners. They showed that they have swagger and that’s not what most bands can declare. Swagger comes from the soul.. it’s not God given nor inherited.. it’s taken!

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The Virginmarys Britain’s Breakout Band of 2013…A menacing stage stare down

With bombastic resonance they proved why they were given the coved crown of Best Breakthrough Rock Band of 2013 by Classic Rock Magazine. Ally Dickaty, vocalist and guitarist gave a glimpse that could only be compared to guitar titans Steve Marriott and Rory Gallagher.

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Titans of British Guitarists.. Mariott and Gallagher

Opening with their chart topping track, “Bang Bang Bang” the future heritage of “The Marys” was to be forecasted. In awe, the audience was taken through a rock nirvana with tracks from their album King of Conflict.

Just a Ride from the album King of Conflict

The base of this triumphant includes drummer Danny Dolan and bass player Matt Rose. As rock’s great future musical axis the trio performed at blitzkrieg veracity. Critics are too busy creating band similes for The Virginmarys and don’t realize that this band are about to sew into stardom.

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Dolan and Rose.. the Backbone of The VM’s

Their set, with convincing confidence, reflected that they have the determination to be superstars and nothing short! With little banter between songs Dickaty snickered with a sardonic smile as their set proceeded. What is best about this English trio is that they are just getting better in time. Their ability to cut away from Xeroxing or resting onto a musical plateau is reflected by their new material they performed.

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The Pounding Drive of “Kill the Messenger

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The Virginmarys Doing What They Do Best… Ace Rockin’

Two new songs that highlighted their set were Halo In Her Silhouette and Kill the Messenger. “Messenger” captured the synchronicity of these British lads with the tempo that could only be compared to a high octane muscle car working on all cylinders. Again, The Virginmarys are proving what we at Rock Bands of L.A. com have already pontificated and that they are soon to become Rock’s juggernauts. It twas’ an ace evening of frets on fire.

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Jeff Laufer backstage with Ally and Matt talking about soccer….

A special thanks goes out to The VM.s…..

Jeff Laufer