For many years, Canadian urban artists would have to run to the States or Britain for recognition and a recording contract… The music scene of Toronto has become the hotbed for so much contemporary urban music in the last few years. To some its worn with pride and for others it’s considered a damn shame! “Torontonians” have a history for being tough on musicians trying to make it in their city.  Could it be that the Canadian metropolis is finally getting an identity and respect it deserves? Toronto’s global migration has given way to a vast ethnic culture. The long winters have created a vibrant and stylistic sound natural to Toronto within its local music scene. Somehow, Toronto has found its self-awareness. Rock guitarist, Danko Jones is apt to become the next music star emerging from “The Dot… The Screwface capital”- (as defined in urban etymology by Canadian rapper MC Theology 3 back in  the year 2000), Toronto..

Having your mother name you Danko you’d expect him to be a pro boxer… a professional football player.. or perhaps an Australian “movie” star…wrong! Mr. Danlo Jones has singled handedly excelled at wrestling rock ‘n’ roll glory from the jaws of seemingly certain chaos. Amid all the growing buzz, Danko  has found time to buckle down and write new material for  his upcoming album entitled, “A Rock Supreme”. As much as we’ve heard its Made Loud to Be Played Loud,’ is all you need to know! Ablaze with raw energy and mobility Danko clearly has his pulse on a variety of musical shades; there’s little argument that heavy rock is his calling card. If you like your rock and roll to boogie then go no further… A tasteful skilled guitarist with a penchant for real melodies and god damn hot funky groves. What you get is the sound of a power trio sounding more powerful than ever. The opening lead riff of “Dance Dance Dance” is probably the best and catchiest of Danko’s career.

“Dance Dance Dance”
Jones not only has an awesome podcast, “The Official Danko Jones Podcast” but has recently showed some literary expertise with his published book, “I’ve Got Something To Say: 10 Years of Rock and Roll Ramblings” It seems like all the ingredients are all here.