The track, “Blue Mood Rising” from Aussie singer/songwriter Didirri Peters is an absolute hit! Inspired by a trip to Los Angles… where the weather and diverse setting were apropos to write such a commanding song.  Blessed with a fabulously versatile voice – one that could turn itself into a gentle ballad, opera, gospel and rock and roll with equal competence. A breathtaking instrument that could transform itself from a melodious coo to a strangled yelp. As if it were negotiating some unseen hairpin turns in the air. Watch any of his video clips and you’ll find a clever and an uncanny young man. Incredibly confident of his good looks and the marketing power of his inherent charisma.With “Blue Mood Rising” we get the bittersweet ruminations of a love lost that is drenched in sweet romantic melancholy. When life knocks you down to the mat get up and carry on. His inflections flicker with shadows of Jeff Buckley, John Mayer and Tom Petty. . .  With his humble beginnings of busking on the streets of Melbourne,the evolution of Didirri’s artistry is hammered home.

Last year’s E.P. release, “Measurements” met with extraordinary reviews and yielded the benchmark songs, “I Can’t Get Last Night Out of My Head” and “Blind You”. If this were all that Didirri had to offer it would be enough proof of his masterful ways.

Didirri sounds like a young man who is in the state of transition. He knows what he wants and this is the very thing that holds his music together. He explores his music with a beautiful sincerity that imbues with an evocative presence. “Blue Mood Rising” boldly defies genre classification. It feels and sounds fuller from his earlier work.  Didirri captures an ephemeral soundscape that exists between the rich and diverse musical tradition of rock and roll and the harrowing passion of the indie-alternative generation…

It’s a ballsy kind of uncertainty coming from a young artist who is still cutting his teeth. His talents are  limitless; his range so vast, and his explorations of them so inchoate. He glistens, he trembles, he pleads, he proclaims… but you become enamored with his vocal power with every note. You may have never heard of Didirri before, but, after you’ve listened you will remember his name.