The remains of Dean Paul Martin, the oldest son of the entertainer Dean Martin and another flier were found by rescue workers in the San Bernardino Mountains just east of Los Angeles.. where their F4-C Phantom jet  fighter plane was lost on March 21, 1987 . They were traveling at a speed of over 400 mph.. After a thorough investigation it said that the jet piloted by Mr. Martin plunged nearly 4,000 feet from its last radar altitude reading of 9,300 feet and hit the side of the mountain.

Dean Martin was devastated; and since the death of his eldest son he was never quite the same….Dino Martin was the leader of the prefab Hollywood band .. Dino Desi and Billy. A Hollywood trio that were barely into their teens when they hit the charts back in 1965. Dino, Desi & Billy anticipated the bubblegum fad with records that usually featured none of their own contributions, except for their characterless vocals. That may be phrasing matters too kindly. But they knew the right people, as they say in Hollywood, which made them stars for a brief time..although they never had an ounce of credibility. This mid-’60s trio were kind of a cross between the Monkees and Gary Lewis in a few key respects. Like Gary Lewis their opportunities to record came about primarily because of their distinguished Hollywood fathers. In the case of these guys the nepotism was rather extreme … Desi was the son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. He had a history of being a womanizer… much like his father and had to enter rehab  many times for substance abuse. Along with classmate Billy Hinsche, they began playing for fun. Dino and Billy Hinsche were longtime best friends and classmates in grammar school.. They started out as a duo,  following the lead of British duets, Chad & Jeremy and Peter & Gordon. Both just played 6 string acoustic guitars. It was not long before they realized that having a drummer would be a good idea and should “go electric” and proceed as a trio. They knew that Desi Arnaz Jr. (in a younger class) could play drums and so they asked him if he wanted to start a group – Dino and Billy asked him during a lunch break out by the basketball court. He was happy to accept the role as drummer. Their rehearsals began at Lucille Ball’s outside playroom and they eventually moved to Dean Martin’s large den that had a small riser for a stage. Over time, they got better as musicians and singers.  They’d barely gotten their equipment together when they auditioned for Dean Martin’s fellow rat pack buddy, Frank Sinatra — who just happened to record for and run Martin’s label, Reprise Records. Imagine there sat ol’ blue eyes with ol red eyes!

By the end of 1964 it was made clear that session musicians would handle the instruments. Staff Producer and A&R man, Jimmy Bowen, brought in a young country gentleman named Lee Hazlewood; who later had a string of hits with Nancy Sinatra, to try his hand at producing them and it yielded their first and biggest hit, “I’m a Fool” which peaked at #17 on the Billboard Top 100….Billy earned a degree in music at UCLA..And continues to work in music..notably with the Beach Boys…