The “California Dream” has become a verbal tic in speeches, a graffiti scrawl, a newspaper headline and the theme for many rock songs. Shit, the Beach Boys spearheaded a lifestyle through their music. Their lyrics were more about hope and less about promise. Songs of the California dream are about being free and away from any hardships. It became a popular phrase used in the 1960s during the Vietnam war and the Civil Rights movement.  Often referred to as a laid back fairytale about hoping for the best when in reality it’s the mask of denial. So why do we keep telling  ourselves that we’re still seeking the same dream?

California’s favorite sons, Dirty Honey have released the first track, “California Dreamin’” …  from their forth coming album, scheduled to be released in mid-April.. I have no doubt that the album will be chalked full of  some kick-ass rock and roll! A soundtrack for driving fast with the top down while listening to your favorite  rock and roll  radio station! If you like rock and roll that swings then you’ve come to the right place! Dirty Honey

Their debut  album was produced by the recording genius, Nick Di Dia, whose successes includes Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine. The song’s  video’s  reflects the symbolism of how the doors of life are filled with openings and closings.
Dirty Honey’s vocalist Marc LaBelle, in a previous interview commented on the inspiration behind, “California Dreamin’”… “Lots of people come out to California, chasing a dream, and sometimes, people just don’t make it,” said LaBelle. “California isn’t always the ‘land of milk and honey,’ dreams don’t always come true here, and that’s the perspective this song and video take. The video is a dream through California that showcases the good, the bad and the ugly.”

Rock Bands of loves Dirty Honey… and we can’t wait to hear the album…