We all have our own ideas of paradise; for some it’s a fantasy only accessible through dreams, for others it’s a spiritual utopia lying somewhere beyond this mortal life. For the lucky ones… like us.. paradise remains an earthbound proposition and very much accessible, a real place, one we’ve most likely visited before and hope to see again. Saskatoon rock trio, Autopilot embraces psychedelic and groovy influences wholeheartedly. While spicing into a darker atmosphere that unfortunately embodies the grimy offensiveness of song categorizing by the press; the song “Weightless” says it all!!!! It’s an ethereal and floaty vibrancy that keeps Autopilot interesting in an “off” dreamy way. No, it’s not fuckin’ boring! Its aural nirvana! The video was shot in the Southern California desert which perfectly narrates the driving guitar and the relentless tidal wave of tension with its lulling chorus.


When most bands lose their shadow due to the troubling determination of influences that threaten to disrupt a pervading atmosphere of blissed-out contentment. “Weightless” is an absolute smash record! Singer/guitarist Marlon Harder’s vocals invariably stands out allowing the song a degree of artistic trust…It’s depth charged riff-charged riff undercuts with psychedelic soloing; a cross between Led Zep “Nu-metal” and morse -code. “Weightless” possess similar qualities of Jane’s Addiction …Porno for Pyros and the Pixies. Ultimately  it has its own independent elements that make it unique.

We had the pleasure to interview the hugely talented guitarist and singer of Autopilot..Marlon Harder…

Rock Bands of L.A.com:Canada has an interesting music scene… You think of Toronto… there’s Drake and The Weekend… What is the scene like in Saskatchewan? Is the whole deal to get out of there?

 Marlon Harder: The Saskatchewan music scene is actually really great these days. There are a lot of bands putting out really good music. We can’t stop listening to the latest Andy Shauf record and The Dead South are just killing it right now. We are lucky in Saskatchewan to have arts funding available through Creative Sask. This has given us the chance to make the best music we can and also tour about 4 months a year. With a population of around a million in the province, yeah you definitely have to get out and tour. But we haven’t got to the point of moving yet. 

Rock Bands of L.A.com: What bands did you grow up listening to as you were growing up???? Were your parents influential with your music acumen?

Marlon Harder:I listened to a lot of Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins, and Modest Mouse. No, my parents did not appreciate the music I was listening to, although they were supportive in me playing. They had no idea this is what I would do with my life.

Rock Bands of L.A.com:We just love the song, “Weightless”…. It just sounds perfect… It couldn’t be any better…When you wrote this song…. Did you have an idea of the audience you wanted to reach? In kind of a weird way … Do you want to share the audience with Modest Mouse?… The video is “topographic”… You capture a side of America that most bands never do… What inspired you to do the video…

Marlon Harder:Thanks! Modest Mouse has been a big influence on how I write so I definitely don’t mind if we share the same audience. We don’t really spend much time thinking about the audience when writing, but just hope it will reach a lot of people and that they’ll enjoy it.

For the Weightless video we had friend and director Jared Peace fly in and meet us for a couple weeks while we were touring the American west coast. We had a show canceled in Las Vegas while we were on route so ended up with a couple days off. We headed over to the Salton Sea not really knowing what we would see and it just happened to turn out great. We had about 10 minutes to shoot before the sun went down and the video goes back to that shot a few times. After shooting that day, we found a dive motel near Salvation Mountain when things got a little crazy. Our drummer Jose jumped out of his skin when these strange shaped lights started flying towards us and then disappearing into the distance. You always hear about things like this in Southern California, so it was pretty interesting to see a UFO. Unfortunately didn’t catch that on video!

Thanks for chatting with us.  We can’t wait to share our new record Afterglow out October 19th!

A very special thanks to Dawn Moonan and Marlon Harder for making this all possible…