Los Angeles band, DRAEMINGS are not a band for the passive consumer. Their music is for those who want to create their own identities within a world that is filled with delusion, isolation and  mistrust.. Just by taking David Bowie at his word being “heroes just for one day”. They are an eye-stopping collage of musicians posing away as a wondrous ensemble with emphatic make up and stylish street fashion. Perhaps, its most like the New Romantic music era that emanated from Great Britain in the very late 70’s.

England was in the midst of a catastrophic economic/social downturn in 1979. Rising inflation and unemployment had led to it being nicknamed “the sick man of Europe”. Meanwhile… In London the halcyon days of punk had faded and the streets were decked with despair. Into this dire situation came a new era for music. The late Steve Strange (Visage) started the Blitz club which gave birth to a new scene which pondered musical and visual defiance against the old guard and the economic cul-de-sac that Britain had fallen into. The Blitz started to become super popular with many nascent attendees like  Bowie, Billy Idol, Boy George and Spandau Ballet. It twas’ the place to be seen.

David Bowie…. Steve Strange

While herr in Los Angeles the New Romantic scene began at a trendy record shop on Melrose Ave, “Vinyl Fetish”.. who previewed the scenes newest tunes and fashion. You weren’t going to hear the likes of Bauhaus, Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees on the radio..not even KROQ!  Its proprietors…Joseph Brooks and Henry Peck would promote club nights each week at the most unexpected venues that highlighted the spectral with music and gallant wardrobe. It seemed more like a circus than a dance club..  Bowie, Steve Strange and Hollywood’s most decadent attended. If you wanted to be “cool” then you had to be there!

Ms. Kimi Recor and DRAEMINGS

DRAEMINGS unknowingly are recreating this Neo-Romantic sound and style… Singer/Guitarist/Keyboardist Ms. Kimi Recor’s lyrics sings that isolation and alienation is not a sin; rather it’s a place to seek common refuge. DRAEMINGS soundtrack is that of a self-styled “elctro-diskow” with a slight Euro Disco synth-led dissonance. Let’s simply call it “No Wave” and let the other music pundits call it what it’s not. Their recent month long residency at the world-famous Echo magnified a pleasurable ritual where fans supped and gazed at the same spot every week as if there was some invisible floor plan. DRAEMINGS performed their new self-titled E.P. The common link is the band’s ability to resonate with fans; they all knew the words! DRAEMINGS are at the helm of a scene here in the crooked city of Los Angeles. Their new songs speaks of the mutiny against the new dominion and the social malaise that America has fallen into. Unlike last year’s  brilliant debut album, “The Eternal Lonesome” the  new E.P. is more of a “band” endeavor and it was produced by long time bass player, Thorson at his Underwater Studios. In a previous interview Thorson spoke candidly, “Making records gives you a chance to make a futuristic statement, to fabricate an imaginary emotional and conceptual landscape. And when a record is successful, that imaginary space can actually become a real space for people to live in and use in their lives. In that way I see music production as a highly political art form.”

We Rock Bands of L.A. com had the great pleasure to interview Ms. Kimi Recor

Rock Bands of L.A.com:

Kimi what was the music that moved you when you were growing up? You are an amazing singer.. did you take vocal lessons while growing up? You have an amazing range.. how did this all happen? I don’t want to sound like a “relic” but I hear Stevie Nicks (thematically based). Pat Benatar(who was in fact trained to be an opera singer.. also her themes are not dissimilar to yours… listen to “Love is a Battlefield”). Enya ( the closest comparison to your.. vocal style and themes). Grimes (Because you pack an idiosyncratic punch. Did your parents encourage your musical acumen? What instruments do you play other than guitar?

Ms. Kimi  Recor:

Growing up I listened mostly to my parents music, until I was about 12. This included Enya, the Beatles, strange Moog records from the 70s, Kraftwerk, LOTS of New Age meditation music, 80’s breakdancing compilations, 90’s europop, Cat Stevens—- you get the picture. I always loved singing, and sang in choir- but I never really thought that I would grow up to be a singer or musician. It was just something I loved doing. My parents always encouraged me to do what I felt passionate about, which I am really grateful for. In terms of instruments- I play a little bit of everything- I’m no wunderkind, but I’ve managed to teach myself enough to get by and write songs:).

Rock Bands of L.A.com :

Kimi, I notice that your fans sing and sway to your music. You create a bond. It resonates so splendidly. What is it about your music that makes this occur ..… Is it about relating to your themes of love gone bad? This happens to all of us, but you create the mood through your music.. this is the key to becoming a star. And a star you are!

Ms. Kimi:

I have no idea, but I’m really happy that it happens. Connecting with our listeners is so important- it’s one of my favorite things about music. It created bridges and bonds between people and time. I think we can all relate to themes in different songs, and it makes us feel less alone, especially in this digital age..

Rock Bands of L.A.com:

You and your band wear makeup.. and the stage Is festooned with this dry brush. Just so I get it right what’s the message you’re trying to convey to your fans? You might not know this but in Nordic mythology ( I totally love to read about mythology), Frea was  the goddess of love… and war.. Freya is famous for her fondness of love, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions – and because of these predilections she’s considered to be something of the “party girl” in the Nordic pantheon…I love your artwork!

Ms. Kimi:

I am a huge fan of creating worlds for people to live in- live shows are so special because you can create a universe, a moment, a different feeling. Every show we do, we try to change it up, but there is definitely a thread of mysticism and magic that runs through everything we do. I am a huge fan of Pagan traditions, religions, especially the worship of female deities- and I try to invoke something greater than myself every time I perform!

Frea Nordic Godess of Love.. Ms. Kimi’s art of DRAEMINGS…Joan of Arc


You’ve mentioned in your bio that in your upcoming E.P. you’ve incorporated your outlook on politics? I applaud your ambition. I’m loving the new E.P. “Holy Land” talks of empowerment and bantering for change. Do you think your audience are ready for this? It’s a departure from your traditional themes? Don’t get me wrong… I see it as an evolution in your songwriting…

Ms. Kimi:

I think there’s always been threads of politics running through my music, but the new Draemings EP definitely expands on it more and more. We didn’t consciously decide as a band to become more political, but with everything that has been happening in the world, it just kind of happened. We are emotionally affected by the policies that are essentially ruining (and running) our world- and music is a way to express that. I think that everyone around us is kind of feeling that shift, and hopefully our audience will appreciate it + accept it.

I want to thank Ms. Katrina Bleckley and of course Ms. Kimi…..

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