Irish post-punk rock band, FONTAINES D.C. can turn air into cottage cheese. They aren’t breaking much new ground but the ground they are displacing is pretty fuckin’ good! Their album, “Dogrel” was released earlier this year… and to be honest we didn’t see it comin’. It tis’ better to be late to the party than not showing up at all…Their music carroms between Joy Division,Television and CA. surf juggernauts, The Ventures.  All you need to know is that FONTAINES D.C. have the vision of something surreal. Their vocalist, Grian Chatten is Dublin’s urban poet…much like Iggy Pop, Jim Carroll and Jim Morrison. Chatten has a stark view of the world; if it’s not in color, then the world is made with shades of gray. They aren’t gearing up for a great rock & roll shoot-out with other bands; much like the fierce verbiage back in the 90’s between Blur and Oasis. Instead, they are heading off for better times so to claim their future — It’s that edge where they are cognoscente of their face to face dogma between a rock and roll band that’s becoming popular while trying to think their way out of it. The Who, The Clash and Joy Division  were prime examples of rock bands that made being in limbo real and in turn used it for inspiration. FONTAINES DC. could be a decidedly aggressive beast..  “Dogrel” exposes their chilly veneer melted away with visceral guitar slashing, no-nonsense bass, and spastic drums. The group proves itself ruthlessly effective despite the conspicuous lack of proficiency.
‘Dogrel” is austere, claustrophobic, inventive and fiercer than you would imagine. When a band claims to be rock and roll, FONTAINES D.C. seem to devour it. As the band progresses don’t expect to hear much “embellishment” within their tunes. Shit, the whole album is only 39 minutes… About as much time to have two pints and take a piss! It’s the experience that takes them home for me.. They’re not where you’d expect them; at least not beyond the most vague and nascent of stylistic precursors.   This is the sound of a band at their creative peak, looking ahead and not saying “fuck off”. Pushing the envelope to see just how far they could go, despite all their influences there is no album quite like Dogrel. I love U2, Van Morrison,  The Waterboys and now I have a new love.. FOUNTAINES D.C..