The only snobbery you’ll sniff out is the belief that rock and roll is nothing more than Los Angeles’s greatest cultural export! You aren’t a legitimate rock music fan if you don’t award a “perfect ten” to Dirty Honey’s new emphasis track, “Rolling 7’s”… You might as well start wearing a little name tag that says “I’m a pansy-ass”  and walk around through life wearing a pair of fuckin’ donkey ears! This is essential rock n’ roll! Take it from me – I grew up in Los Angeles! “Rolling 7’s” – a simple track that mercifully uses a gambling metaphor for a macho statement of sexual longing and rebellion. . Just roll them dice babe!

Dirty Honey will continue to flood rock radio following the success of their first #1 track, “When I’m Home” (first new rock band in 2019 to hit #1)! Let the truth be told, the success of two consecutive rock hits will prove that Dirty Honey are a credible force in their own right and could remain in the top echelon of other rock bands for years to come. This is a “cocksure” follow-up destined for rock radio airplay. No frills… No cleverness…Just a distorted guitar, bass, drums and a white guy with a fantastic over bearing voice kickin’ it home. The video of “Rolling 7’s” was filmed at the world famous R&B club, Harvelles in Santa Monica, CA. by the talented, Scott Fleishman for APLUSFILMZ.. its phenomenal. They are a rock n’ roll band that are so close to heaven yet so far from God! Damn… let’s call it.. “White Boy Gospel”! The alleged cultural bankruptcy pointed at rock & roll is now gone.. the momentum is too great to stop; so all you millennial kids with your smitten Grateful Dead haircuts and comparing how many vinyl records you possess can now look into the future…  This track “Rolling 7’s” to be played loud and often. L.A. has a new poster child…their name is Dirty Honey.. And Rock Bands of can’t be any more happy.

They are planning an L.A. gig at the world famous, Troubadour… on Nov. 22nd… Don’t miss this one..