At first I didn’t quite know what to make of Los Angeles rock and roll outfit, Dirty Honey… But one thing I can unequivocally say… they are one fuckin’ great rock and roll band! And let the truth be told, I wasn’t quite  sure where I was headed when I thought of writing this article a few days ago after seeing them live. Now while I’m listening to their E.P. in the background  the answer has become gleefully apparent. Dirty Honey are  a confident band. They don’t bashfully kick around a number of styles and techniques. Yes, there’s a degree of “retro”  as it is with so many current breakout artists..Their  songs are about the tales of urban nightmares with a silent scream of redemption.

I’m no hater! That’s not how Rock Bands of rolls. I’m not going to piss on Getta Van Fleet for their ZOSO comparisons.. or The Struts doing that British 70’s “Glam”vibe…  Rival Sons with their brand of “riff rock”.. and what about Ghost.?. Who the fuck knows what they’re all about? (Rock Bands  of L.A. was the very first fanzine in the write about all these bands and the rest is history) The great thing about all these artists ( love em’ or hate em’) is they are  making rock and roll acceptable to the masses. The music is like a plague gaining momentum with every new band… once you got it you’re in aural nirvana. What’s great about Dirty Honey is they don’t pussy about with any bullshit shtick. Nor will they ever lose their shadow and morph into something they aren’t.. They do it..and they do it with gusto. Their E.P. was produced by Nick DiDia (known for his work with Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine) has made songs like, “Heartbreaker” and “Rolling 7’s” come alive.

It’s too soon in their career, but they skillfully epitomize “shake yer ass” rock and roll! Their current radio track, “When I’m Gone” is a fuckin’ “gorilla” climbing up the rock radio chart.. I’m going to reach out on a limb… I believe that Dirty Honey could very well be the breakout band for the Summer of 2019..

After seeing them live, the band works with the bare essentials of rock ‘n roll.  Their, singer, Marc Labelle  proves that Dirty Honey are a contender to being the best rock band in Los Angeles. Sure there’s attitude… sure there’s swagger… but one thing is for damn sure, they can romp like nobody’s fuckin’ business! Watch their web site with live dates… a must see band!