How many times do we love a new band whose debut music resonates? This be said, there’s a “coming of spirits”.. It’s happened to me many times… It’s like being surrounded by the God’s! I’d call my school friends and ask can you come to my house and hear this band I found. Fuck homework..this is special. Unfortunately, with streaming the listening process  has become monochromatic. I deplore when a series  stream  only releases one episode each week…..

2018 was the year for the incredible breakout for Gretta Van Fleet…Their E.P. releases were amazing… At times I would sit in my car listening to the next track and the next track and the next track. And I realized I would be late to my appointment.Shit, let em’ wait! I saw them twice and their performances were stellar..I talked  to some kids  waiting in line and they had driven to L.A. from Sacramento and San Diego just to see their favorite band.

Unwarrantedly, record reps would malign (under their breath) that the band was a rip off of Zeppelin.. Even the press jumped on the bandwagon. Bloggers would nullify the rock n’roll genre altogether by claiming rock is dead! What they didn’t realize was Greta re-opened the door for rock and roll to reach the masses . They sure helped the success of L.A. local bands.. Dirty Honey and The Jacks. And it was the “kick in the ass” that rock radio desperately  needed… Because of their rigorous touring schedule, the group showcased a vision of the future and laid the blueprints for many young rock bands as we know them today..The answer is rock music’s identity and its future is so much part of America’s identity.

If you are expecting a “sophomore slump” you are dead wrong! Greta’s newest song, “My Way, Soon” Is a punchy number and sees the band’s ambitions grow like a stampede of warhorses.