Jeff Beck shows at 72 years old he can still give rock and roll quite a wallop! When his contemporaries are befuddled with geriatric issues of still having babies, illness and law suits Beck has once again created an album, his 11th titled Loud Hailer of ingested musical Viagra. Jack White and Frank Black are surely in disbelief that some old “geezer” has made an album that goes way beyond anything they’ve ever conjured up and had to succumb to clichés. If so, the pinheads at alternative radio should lap it up like a hungry hound dog in heat.! If master Beck were to call Loud Hailer his  “pièce de résistance” of his legacy it doesn’t come a moment too soon.You see Jeff’s (since we have the same first name I think I’m awarded the luxury of referring to him as Jeff too) not happy with the state of the world and instead of teething on the issues he does what he does best… plays the fuckin guitar. No one bends or curls the strings any better at the guitar than the axe wielding Godzilla,Jeff.


Jeff Beck

It’s no old person trying to be hip but it ought to win an armada of new fans. Moreover, then being a rock and roll album it should be heard as an alternative/indie and then perhaps social network junkies would have something more genuine to write about.

Nearly five decades ago, a blazing comet crashed into London’s burgeoning music scene and exploded in a cloud of psychedelic haze. Arriving from an entirely different artistic universe, that comet, better known as Jeff Beck, highhandedly changed the face of ‘60s pop culture.. musically and fashion. Everything about this axe-wielding apparition was different: his good looks, his playing style, his ability to create. Even the name of his band, The Jeff Beck Group foretold the sensory journey he was to lead. He was light-years ahead of his time, and quite possibly too good for his own good; as his visits proved to be constantly jaw dropping.  What Jeff has done in his career was to raise the bar of creativity to impossible heights, while cementing a legacy as an innovator, visionary, and a stealth Icon.

The album’s creative zenith, however, is reached with the second track,”Live In The Dark” where singer Rosie Bones reveals the issues of coming of age and the unfortunates of bullying and sexual misconduct. The crowning achievement of the album is its closing track, “Shrine” which is a solemn but a crowning effort.

Jeff Beckjeff-beck-strat-660-80

For me Loud Hailer is far more than just an album. Over time, it will become an invigorating life force; one that courses through my veins with regularity. It represents hope and purpose and inspiration.Its  a bittersweet reminder of that brilliant flashing comet known as Jeff Beck.

Jeff’s extravaganza is now touring America with Buddy Guy which includes a date at the world famous Hollywood Bowl.