The first MC5 album, was recorded “live” at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom in the fall of 1968. The record came onto the scene like a virus… The band and selected compatriots had formed the White Panther Party to oppose the U.S. government and lend its support to the Black Panther Party based in Oakland, CA.. Their credo was to focus on the total assault to overthrow of the government by any means necessary. Theory and practice were fiercely united in the White Panthers. They were the only American political party formed by a rock and roll band. They preached revolution… they lived by the revolution and they performed like a revolution! Through their rhetoric coupled with incendiary performances they gathered growing crowds of rebellious youths throughout the mid-west.

MC5 and J.C. Crawford

Each show would begin with a antagonist  sermon given by J.C. Crawford drawing the audience into a frenzy talking about the revolution! “Are you going to be the problem or are you going to be the solution ?” Urban theorists claim that it was MC5’s performance at a free concert in a Chicago park when the riots broke out at the Democratic convention in 1968. The chant, “The Whole World is watching” ignited from the fervor on stage. They spearheaded the short lived “rock and roll revolution of 1968-69″.  In 1970 the FBI referred to the MC5 as potentially the largest and most dangerous revolutionary organization in the U.S.. Sure, “Kick Out The Jams” had an arresting historical importance in terms of politics and rock and roll.. As the future begins to look more and more like a fiery hellhole, rest assured, no matter how bad things get or what political mayhem comes our way.. rock and roll will be a part of that…. The Schizophonics..

Thus we came across a band that resides in a suburb 30 miles north of Tijuana, Mex.. Better known as San Diego.. Their name is The Schizophonics. The band is made up of a married couple… Lety and Pat Beers. They met in Arizona and moved to the sedate climate of So. CA. back in 2006. Lety is the drummer and her job other than keeping up a monstrous beat going on is keeping things real.. Its Pat’s explosive guitar playing that leaves the audiences in shock and awe.

The Schizophonics…. Lety and Pat Beers

His style is somewhere in between Wilko Johnson and Wayne Kramer… but if I were to hit the nail on the head… its British guitarist, Mick Green of the early  Brit. Punk group The Pirates (while playing at a gig with Brian Ferry in New Zealand he suffered a heart attack and insisted on finishing the show before getting treated! Now that is rock and roll!)  whose style was the template for Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend and Wilko Johnson… playing lead and rhythm simultaneously. Beers aggressively marches, stumbles, flips and pirouettes across the stage…whilst’ spewing out some righteous R&B and blues licks intertwined with scintillating guitar solos like nobody’s fuckin’ business! He’s got this Je Ne Sais Quoi flair about him.

Wilko Johnson.. Wayne Kramer….Mick Green

Prophecy doesn’t happen very often, especially when it comes to music. Behind a political backdrop their song, “Two Thousand Seventeen” is somewhere between madness and genius; it’s  more like divinity! Musical evangelism can cause an unsuspecting audience to the brink of uncontrolled frenzy … The Schizophonics are so close to heaven yet so far from God…They are nothing less than  brilliant!

We at Rock Bands of L.A. com had the chance to interview Lety and Pat Beers…

Rock Bands of You are based in San Diego…  What’s the San Diego music scene like? Is the city inspirational for you???? What’s the soul review all about?

Pat Beers: We love the music scene in San Diego. Not only do some of our favorite bands live here, like the Loons and the Creepy Creeps, but here’s also a lot of cross-pollination going on. Many groups have a few alter-ego side bands which are made up of members of other bands. Our soul review has 11 people who are each a front person for their own group, and it feels like a big party every time we get together or hang out at shows. There’s not a lot of big egos in the scene, and rather than competition, it feels like there’s more of a friendly game of one-upmanship that’s gradually mutated the bands over the years.

Rock Bands of Schizophonics plays with so much energy… I pity any band that tries to perform after you… How does Pat do it? Don’t you get worried he’s going to injure himself? Was Pat a “hyper” kid growing up?? By the way Pat is a cross between Wilko Johnson and Wayne Kramer… Have you ever heard of Mick Green??? If not google him.. he was the inspiration for Jimmy Page & Pete Townsend.. he was in the band The Pirates…he wrote “Shakin All Over”… a big hit.. he plays the same style as Pat… check out his live performances… just awesome.. He plays so much like you.

Pat Beers: That’s just kind of the way I feel the music. Rock and roll should be an explosion. I haven’t had any serious injuries, but I usually leave the stage with some minor battle scar, which only really suck when playing 30 shows in a row on tour. It’s still really fun for me, and this probably sounds dumb, but it’s something I have no control over. I know “Shaking All Over” and hearing you say that, now I know why the Who did their own version live. I’ve seen some footage of Mick Green in the late 70’s, and I think it’s cool that the Pirates seemed to fit in just fine with the Punk scene. The stuff from 77 almost makes me think of Motorhead. I wonder if they were an influence?

Rock Bands of You are ready to embark on a huge tour… which includes the East Coast, Great Britain and Europe… Tell our readers what to expect? You’ve been to England before.. how was the reception? I can only imagine the havoc !!!

Pat Beers: We just did the East Coast for the first time, and it was a really good time. The shows were fun and wild and we met some cool people and saw some good bands. We got to do a live set on WFMU in New York, which is one of the only stations where you’ll hear DJs play the Seeds followed by Rufus Thomas, and so on. We’ve been listening to them online for years, so that was really an honor. We did some sight seeing and pizza eating and whatnot.  I’m looking forward to going back to the UK and Spain. I have no idea what to expect in the UK, so I’m just going to do my thing. Spain is pretty much always guaranteed to be a party though, and we’re really excited to play the Funtastic Dracula Carnival, which I hear is a nuthouse.

Funtastic Dracula Carnival Poster… The Schizophonics
Rock Bands of Let’s get real!!!! Your band has a message about the state of the world… Most of your songs are about dissent .. much like MC5…. What are you trying to say? Are your fans receptive to your politics?  Do you believe that because of your explosive live show that the audience is really getting the “big” picture???
Pat Beers: It wasn’t my intention to just write political songs because one of my favorite bands, the MC5, did too. On one hand, at our core, we’re a dumb rock band and not perfect people and probably unfit to preach. On the other hand…. the state of our country is fucking insane, and impossible not to write about. Songs like “2017” talks about the idiotic resurgence of white supremacy. We’ve gotten angry messages online about this, of course. That’s fine with me!
Rock Bands of While growing up.. what music did you and Pat listen to??? I’m sure it twas’ MC5.. why them?
Pat Beers:Jimi Hendrix was my portal into rock and roll, then came the Stooges and the MC5. Those are still to this day my favorites, though I latter came to fully appreciate the originators like Little Richard and Bo Diddley.
Lety Beers: I listened to a lot of the punk/alternative music when I was a kid. There was a Ska/Punk radio show that came on every Saturday night for a few hours so my sister and I would record it onto cassettes and listen to these shows all week. It was how I got into music that wasn’t just top 40. The Muffs, The Clash, The Ramones, then I realized the music pool is so much deeper than I ever imagined.
We just love this band… A great thanks goes to Pat and Lety Beers and Mike Halloran
So lets seal the deal and Ooga Booga