I love when artists cover other artists’ songs! It must stand up against the original. Yes, its “stands up”.. to the original…. And hopefully takes the song and revitalizes them; just maybe better than the original. Local L.A. singer/songwriter, Kat Meoz has an amazing vocal range, killer live persona, great person to meet and relates to her fans.She has just released an E.P. of cover songs.. simply titled, “KVRZ”

Kat Meoz is a Venezuelan- American singer-songwriter, composer, music cultivator for film and record producer.  This young lady is maturing from a child phenom into a multi-talented star with a voice that’s nothing short of being mesmerizing. Just hearing her sing can heal your heart and soul. She makes these songs as if they were her very own…And to be brutally honest, they’re better!

There are too few women who can inject their own sense of vitriol and disconnectedness, as does Ms. Meoz… to make something as primal and spirited as the male counterparts are what makes this record’s story that much more engaging. Maybe, if we can last  just a little while more, life seems a little more beautiful. Its Meoz’s vast array of song choices and the willingness to take risks may not be what some would consider “normal” for a female rock singer.What makes her such an amazing performer and talent is that you have to see her live to fully appreciate her . She is able to sing just as well live as she does in the studio, unlike many who cannot duplicate their studio sound because it has been so heavily augmented. She is one of the best female artists and performers I have ever seen. I respect her because everything on the record – screaming, melodic sounds, very high or low notes, etc. – she can also do it live! In a world of auto-tune and pre-recorded tracks, here is one example of real, raw talent! Her ability to go from being very melodic, soft and touching music such as Smokey Robinson’s, “Get Ready” to songs that are edgy, hard and  politically driven…  John Lennon’s classic “Power To The People’.  Her vocal range is to die for and her style is killer. Her performances are amazing and she is simply stunning to watch.

We had the chance to speak with Kat.. and she’ll tells us all about the “KVRZ” E.P…

Rock Bands of L.A.com: Your new E.P., “KVRZ” is brilliant… What prompted you to do a record of “covers”? How did you decide what songs to do?

Kat Meoz:  Thanks Jeff, Position Music asked me to do an EP of covers with the same producers as an EP that I released last summer, “Royalty”.   We were given a list of songs to choose from and we chose the ones we were most excited about.  When I heard Tainted Love was an option I couldn’t resist, I have always loved the Soft Cell version of that song.

Rock Bands of L.A.com:The work to re-arrange these classics must have been difficult. Imagine taking another artists work and changing the song almost making it “your” song. 

Kat:My personal belief is that if you are going to put out a cover it has to sound like a totally different song, otherwise it’s basically karaoke, in my opinion.  The producers AKA Wolves and Ctodd Nielsen helped give me a swagger rock sound last July and we were going for the same sound as a follow up.

Rock Bands of L.A.com: You’ve taken John Lennon’s, “Power to the People” and you gave it “new” urgency and relevance. …. You knocked me out with Blondie’s.. “One Way of Another”.. You sound so fierce.. What instruments do you play on the E.P.? And who produced it?? 

Kat: Thanks! Power to the People is most people’s favorite at the Position Music office, I agree it feels very relevant to have this updated sound. On this EP I just sang, I have worked with AKA Wolves on other projects where he asked me to play guitar but he had these tones and riffs dialed in before I even came to sing.  He really hit the nail on the head with these instrumental guitar hooks, they are so incredible. They were made to be played live and I hope one day we’ll get that opportunity.  The three of us just did a live from home quarantine acoustic cover of Fame, it was really fun to do it stripped down. 

I want to thank Kat for taking the time to speak with us.. She is working on some new material as we write this..