The dynamic L.A. singer/song writer, Kat Meoz…has been blessed with the ability to reach backwards for her influences and the creativity to musically stretch forward! At such an early time in her career the music can already be considered ageless…Kat’s recent single release, Bad Side can very well be an opportunity for her to become a local diva….Something Los Angeles hasn’t had in decades….There’s a smoky scintillation to Meoz’s approach… Its an unadulterated raw vocal style. Tabloid fodder may call it “Garage Pop” but that’s not telling the full story…

Kat Meoz

Meoz is currently working with L.A. producer Jake Bowman, who has worked with hip hop icons like Snoop Dogg and Joey Bada$$…..She’s combining a smooth blend of psych, horn rock, jazz, soul, and R&B Janis Joplin-esque vocal growling . Kat spills into many music areas that it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what she’s all about.. but it’s in my opinion this is her greatest attribute!  This intangible quality will become increasingly pronounced and evident on Kat’s future recording and performances. She plans on releasing a track a month for the rest of the year.

The Black Panthers… Patty Hearst… Movie The Zodiac Killer

Northern CA Bay Area was the epicenter of social unrest during  the late 60’s and early 70’s; between The Black Panthers, dissent for the Viet Nam War, People’s Park, The Symbionese Liberation Army’s kidnapping of Patty Hearst.. and The Zodiac Killer. Rock band,  Cold Blood was one of the Bay Area’s non-psychedelic contributions to pop music during this volatile era.. Their influence was the combination of rock, blues, and jazz which stood out from the guitar-driven acid rock bands most identified with that scene. After establishing themselves at dance halls such as the Avalon and Bill Graham’s Winterland Ballroom, Cold Blood became one of the first acts signed to Graham’s Fillmore record label — which was named after another one of his venerable venues. Their 1969 self-titled debut — although somewhat contained in comparison to their live shows, it was  a good representation of their soulful, horn-driven funk. The band centered around the highly charismatic  vocalist, Lydia Pense,,,whose style is much like Meoz’s….

Cold Blood…. Lydia Pense

Janis Joplin and Pense had a tense relationship from  the start….They’d hang out at the same bars and stay up all night drinking Southern Comfort; but there was no love lost between the two. Urban legend claims that both were in love with Sonny Barger… the president of the Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels and was the inspiration behind the “Sons of Anarchy” series…The story that is most incredible was that Pense had planned to record  “Piece of My Heart”… which eventually became the track that broke Joplin’s career…. Group manager,Bill Graham had to intercede.. There was just no need for a feud between Joplin and Pense get any worse.. So he told Pense to forget about it…. It’ll never he a hit!

Janis Joplin……Sonny Barger… President of the Hells Angels.

I had the great pleasure to meet Kat Meoz and she agreed to to an exclusive interview…

Rock Bands of bio said that you are part Venezuelan…. Were you born in Los Angeles? What music did your parents listen to? Were your parents supportive of your music? How many instruments
are you proficient in? Have you had formal singing lessons? As a young girl what was your
inspiration to choose being a songwriter and a performer???
Kat: I was born in Houston, but my family moved to Las Vegas when I was 2 years old and I lived there until I was 18. My parents listened to The Beatles, Nat King Cole, Willie Nelson, Gloria Estefan, Harry Belefonte, it was mostly my father who played music in the house and took my brother and I to music stores and would allow us to choose a tape or cd a week growing up.
I play guitar and my voice, I can fake keys but wouldn’t necessarily play them live. Yes growing up starting at 10 my mom had me taking voice lessons and at an early age 4/5 she had me acting in local news reenactments and PSA’s.  She starting taking me to acting auditions for community and professional theatre when I was 10. 
Before I could talk my mom says I hummed, I was already given the solos for performances in preschool, at my private elementary school I was always given lead roles, it just was a natural transition to grow up and continue the same path. 
Rock Bands of musical prowess goes in different directions. If you reflect on the history of Janis Joplin, who is compared to you in your bio,.. you plainly hear that she evolved.. but then stopped.. She
dies at 27…. Alanis Morissette releases a “Picasso” for her debut album… After that she could
not “evolve”… Her commerciality goes into the toilet… Maybe it was a “sophomore slump”?..
What I’m driving at is… are the rules for stardom the same for women as they are for a man?
Kat: If I’m being totally honest, I don’t understand the industry, if there are rules I have never followed them. I say yes to the things that excite me and sometimes I say yes too soon and have to reevaluate.  There is a difference I can feel between a “no doubt in my mind” yes and something I want but is not ultimately the right timing. 
Rock Bands of How did you meet Jake Bowman? Whatever he tells you to do… do it! He’s brilliant! Releasing a new track a month is definitely the way to go…. “Deep End” is inspired by the great “funk”master of Northern CA. from the early 70’s.. Sly Stone…. Cold Blood…Tower of Power… You bring in a retro sound with new life!
Kat:I got signed to Defend Music Inc. as a songwriter officially at the beginning of June 2018, Jake was one of my first cowrites through them.  He works very fast and I like the pressure. We both love garage rock, Rodney Bingenheimer, Gibson SG’s and in your face vocals. 
Rock Bands of I gotta be honest this whole Social Media is starting to get to me! Kids film shows with their cell phones… I find it annoying…. Anyway, what are your views on that and the future of “streaming” music… via Spotify and Apple Music.. Personally I’m a Spotify guy… Do you work to get your music on playlists?
Kat: I am also really into Spotify, my view is that nothing is permanent, the streaming mediums keep changing and Spotify will be king for a while longer and then something else will replace it.  I often take Social Media breaks, I’ll delete apps off my phone, I’ll deactivate facebook for a few months.  It’s addictive and keeps me from being present in the moment and enjoying my day fully.  Other than watching the occasional video on Youtube and posting music videos on there from time to time, I never got that into Youtube.  No aspirations to be a youtube star but very impressed by the people who have succeeded at that.  My favorite is instagram, it’s simple and a great way to promote shows and keep in contact with people, far better than Facebook. I don’t work that hard to get music on playlists, I was hoping my indie label that put out my first two garage rock EPs would be my champion and handle that for me but they don’t seem very interested which I think is a mistake if I’m being brutally honest.  Deep End has been on a couple playlists, but no major ones. It did make me happy tho! I submitted to a lot of blogs myself for that. 

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