Kate Clover is so freaking cool! Nothing seems rushed about her or her music. It just lingers along and stays in your head all day… A good thing. Clover shares her love of punk rock without becoming bogged down with details and being too stereotypical. Remember, punk is always daring, feisty and to the point. Clover remains true to her calling as a punk rocker! She shoehorns between Debbie Harry, Wanda Jackson and a character out of a John Water’s film.

Bleached white hair with enough hairspray to tear a hole in the ozone layer. She plays guitar with lots of “piss & vinegar”.. with a Keith Richards bad ass swagger…  She can be fierce, caustic and a tad funny; while drearily unfazed by the antics of any of her female peers.  Her current single, “Channel Zero” has a subversive streak…but with a dark, provocative and aggressive side. Referenced with media and drugs it becomes an imaginative out-of-body experiences with charmed hyper-reality.

Surprisingly enough in this new age and era, Clover’s band plays everything by scratch – which means they’re authentic players… each part is played solely by that particular musician with no tapes or extra electronics.. Meaning, she could play at the top of the Eiffel Tower without a plug. I think  the French will dig her.. All that’s missing is the album… no date as of yet!..