A baseball player’s walk-up music is often one of the most underrated aspects of the game of baseball. In a sport clouded by how much time is wasted, the walk-up song offers an opportunity for a player to not only entertain fans, but also give them a brief glimpse into their personality. Early in the season, it’s an afterthought for players, some prefer to keep the same music year-after-year for superstitious reasons— Dodger pitching ace, Clayton Kershaw along with other players will constantly change their music throughout the season as new music comes out, adjusting to their mood throughout the season.

It seemed interesting that as The World Series was in full force the L.A. Dodgers would choose Iron Butterfly’s classic psyche anthem, “In A Gadda Da Vida” as their “walk-up” song. I know, you’re saying how could they play a 17 minute and change song at a baseball game? The first 9 notes are arguably the most distinguishing notes in the history of rock and roll; maybe only Deep Purple’s’ “Smoke On The Water” is as famous. But then probably not! It’s still to this day the most requested song at strip bars… Imagine paying for a “lap dance” to a 17-minute song that has only 30 words?

The recording that is heard on the album was done as soundcheck filler for engineer Don Casale while the band waited for the arrival of Atlantic Records producer Jim Hilton. However, after the rehearsal was completed it was agreed that the performance was of sufficient quality that another take wasn’t needed.

Iron Butterfly

“Da Vida” was the second album released by L.A. rock band, Iron Butterfly. It was the first album ever to sell over 1 million copies and was considered the holy grail of “Heavy Metal”. This was the biggest selling rock album until Led Zeppelin.. The album today has now sold over 30 million and has been sampled by rapper Nas’ and used in Guitar Hero 4….

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