Rock and Roll was hit with another loss among its ranks. Lemmy Kilmister  succumbed today at 70 years old due to a ferocious cancer which was just diagnosed two day ago.  Kilmister’s health had been poor for the last few years and  had to cancel many European dates. He lived a very hard life!

Lemmy with Sid ViciousLemmy 2

Lemmy with Sid Vicious and Nancy

He was born on Christmas Eve in 1945 in the small British town of Staffordshire. He was abandoned by his father, who was believe it or not a Air Force Chaplin at only three months of age. His mother remarried a man who was quite strict and demanded strict obedience.  At 16 years old he saw the Beatles perform in Liverpool and from there taught himself to play guitar.  Kilmister got the name “Lemmy” because of his habit of asking .. “Lemmy a fiver” to pay for his ale. Rock and roll has its tales but this is a great one! In the mid 60’s Lemmy was carving out quite a name for himself and his bands..Rainmakers, the Motown Sect and the Rockin’ Vickers. He felt that if he were to become a great rock star he had to move to London.  In 1967 he became roommates with Noel Redding  and became the roadie for The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The rock scene at that time was heavily into experimenting with LSD so Kilmister hooked up with psychedelic band Sam Gopal. The great opportunity fell upon him to join the band Hawkwind in 1972 who were getting a lot of praise from the British press. He started by playing bass;  and Hawkwind became so successful that they were getting high dollar tour offers from Europe and America. The track that Lemmy sang in his horse guttural fashion, “Silver Machine” had broken through on the charts. The rock star life took a turn for the worse when he got fired because he was busted for drug possession.

Lemmy 4Lemmy 5Lemmy Jesus

Lemmy plotted his revenge by forming a new band called “Bastard” with erstwhile Pink Fairies guitarist Larry Wallis and drummer Lucas Fox. They later changed their name to Motorhead in reference to the final song Lemmy wrote with Hawkwind, then re-recorded the track for what would have been Motorhead’s debut, On Parole. United Artists, the fledgling trio’s former label, flat out rejected the album, however. Almost two years would pass before Lemmy and his new cohorts, guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke and drummer Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, released updated versions of those songs as Motorhead’s eponymous 1977 debut. After another year of ruthless touring, the trio truly hit their stride behind a string of legendary albums .”Overkill”, “Bomber” and “Ace of Spades” This era of success was capped by the live album No Sleep ‘til Hammersmith, which debuted in 1981 at No. 1 on the U.K. charts – an astonishing feat, considering Motorhead’s past as being critiqued as the worst band in the world!

16654 072batman

Batman and Motorhead

Lemmy, Ozzy and Slash..”I Ain’t No Nice Guy”

For hard rock and heavy metal fans everywhere Motorhead were now proven royalty! Their influence on the burgeoning speed and thrash metal movements of the ’80s was second to none, and though their career fortunes fluctuated – and numerous lineup reshuffles followed – Motorhead’s underground credibility rarely wavered. Lemmy was a very nice guy and was a good character for rock and roll… He smoked like a cowboy, drank like an Aussie sailor and pillaged like a Viking……. I think that Lemmy’s mole should be removed and put into a display at the rock and roll hall of fame...


Mr. and Ms. Motorhead Lookalike …