Any rock and roll band that can cover an emotional spectrum ranging from gruff cries all the way to handclaps must have a lot to offer. … Step aside Los Angeles, their name is Midnight Divide. They are in store for a great trajectory with the release of their new E.P.,Weapons Grade Amnesia”.  They exercise in toying with arena-filling vocal melodies, razor-sharp synths and invigorating electro-pop. Their future success will not be founded by striking image, ineffable charisma or brain-searing visual branding. The scale of their music will clearly leave its mark. Midnight Divide primarily takes on emotive songwriting trends. These moments consist of pop  transcribed with EDM mantras… Songs designed to make the listener feel something altogether special and compelling. It’s a Frankensteinian formula with boot-stomping melodies backed by synth back-beats over heavy beats and crashing choruses that could be mistaken for an artificial-intelligence-generated representation.

It seems like the only rule is there aren’t rules (Remember the first rule from the film “Fight Club”?)! They are mixing genres and experimenting with different styles and the result is an infectious recombinant sound. Midnight Divides’ mind hunter, Austen Moret played football for the Purdue Boilermakers but his chakras brought him to Los Angeles and create his field of dreams of making music.

So I know what you must be thinking ..What makes Midnight Divide so fuckin’ good?. There’s something for everyone with their newly released track, “Say You Believe”; from the fearsome brassy vocals, hysterical angst to the sweet whistling of Beach Boys-style harmonies. They are an ambitious rock band with unfettered eclecticism.