If there was a person whose music could be described as counter culture of current days it could very well be Canadian born singer, Mike Edel. No, Mike Edel is not some hippy throw back freak by any means but his thoughts may resemble those of ecological righteousness and allegiance to his native Canada. He does have an unsuspecting sense of humor and a confident swagger. During his recent appearance at the World Famous Hotel Café in Hollywood he talked about his father in an adoring novel way and stories of the road. His world is piqued with topographic vision by his music and lyrics. Often an album this well-crafted can perhaps fall between the cracks; but to the best of my ability I won’t let that happen on my watch! Back in the 70’s Edel’s album could have been the soundtrack for those who looked upon music as a moral compass. He has something to sing about. He doesn’t try to proselytize or pontificate but he will make you take notice. His song “Hell Exists” chimes about one’s bout with faith. A relationship that has gone awry from a place that is dark and uncomfortable; yet chooses a path that will appear right but this is the unknown.

Mike Edel liveMike Edel 2

Mike Edel and band outside the world famous Hotel Cafe

His perception of his homeland always has a bond with his self and it’s confidently reflected in the track, “When the Good Goes Wrong”. Fellow Canadian, Neil Young should have written songs this great for his lackluster album, “Prairie Wind”.. .years back if he wasn’t festooned with crankiness and distrust. Fortunately we have Mike Edel who monopolizes his music by passing “Go” and collects $200 ! Most singer songwriters write songs that are paint by numbers; but Edel paints with broad strokes one masterpiece after another. His current radio airplay hit, ”Blue Above The Green” is up tempo and you identify when romance was young and special–

“We hiked up the mountain in the woods

I thought maybe we could make out

You looked up through the branches in the sky

And we named the constellations”

Today, most music is disposable and you can trust that it will be forgotten and not endure the test of time. Consumer purchase trend has legions who download one track at a time; however in the case of Mr. Edel that would be an impossible task and not tell the whole story. India-Seattle is inspired by his upbringing in a small town in the plains of Alberta Canada. His family is simple folks that are farmers and their morning highlight is to have coffee at the local coffee diner with neighbors and chat about the local crops’ value and how well the Toronto Blue Jays have been playing (The track “The Closer” is all about baseball). This being said India-Seattle is an album that seems like a travel manifest intertwined with cinematic splendor.

Mike Edel 5toronto-blue-jays-wallpaper1Mike Edel 3

I would like to thank Kevin Sutter and Melissa