It’s not an easy task being a snotty rock band from Immingham, England but with the debut of Ming Cty Rocker’s first and only album they’ve proved that anything can happen. We’ve followed this band pretty much since their inception and though press has been favorable it seems to fester on the same things. Their songs use only two chords and are only two minutes long. If one more critic pokes a pun about the band’s name I’ll fuckin’ puke! Not much of a story! Simply said this record is a testament of archetypal teen angst. They cover a panoply of themes and reflect their world much did The Ramones and New York Dolls had decades ago. What the press has unrightfully ignored is that the MCR’s could very well be the next AC/DC! Yep….its true..
Bo geneMing City Rockers

Rock Icons Bo Diddley… Gene Vincent & The Ming City Rockers

If you retro back to the early AC/DC recordings thematically they sang with aural symphonic fornication. “Whole Lotta Rosie” has been replaced by a rearranged “Rosetta” who walks the streets at night searching for unsuspecting men for her prey. In an age where children are loaded up with “anti” social medications in order to “fit in”, MCR’s internalize the “Problem Child” syndrome and delivered their cacophonous opus with “I Wanna’ Get Out of Here But I Can’t Take You Anywhere” which delivers a Bon Scott attitude and a harmonica performance by band leader and chess aficionado Clancey Jones. A kid with bad hair days more often than not he belts the theme of trying to break away from his world but only able to do it alone. Though the MCR’s really don’t try to proselytize you to their way of thinking they have a strong sense of political being. They don’t eschew from the social injustices that plagues their dear England. AC/DC mirrored these them with their pounding canine infused metaphor “Dog Eat Dog” whose parable simply says “Every dog has his day”.

Let_There_Be_Rock_by_deanfenechanimationsnew ming pic

Father “Bon” Scott                                      Ming City Rockers

Allegories aside the guitar welding Morley Adams plays with feverish voracity much like the hyper-kinetic Angus Young. Ms. Adams is really the heart and soul of the MCR’s but her playing stands for much of the band’s essence. Her modular style of playing is why tracks like, “You Ain’t No Friend of Mine” and “Your Always Trying Too Hard” depicts a feministic side of isolation amongst peers. This young lady can rock!
The maturity of the band’s songwriting is depicted in the unsuspecting four minute song, “Get Outta Your Head”. The complementation of rhythm is provided by drummer, Doc Ashton and bassist Jakki Walsh. Their synergy at the beginning drives this song into a spectacular crescendo. The video is a throwback from the 60’s generation when peace and love were its centerpieces and then forges into the 80’s metal era.

ming liveRobert-Johnson-winstoutMing-T-Shirt-copy-300x300
What makes the Ming City Rockers so interesting are their musical influences and how they employ them. They are able the channel the ghost of Robert Johnson with their version of “Crossroads” which reminds us of the Faustian tale of selling your soul to the devil for ephemeral fame. Clancey sings this song with such conviction which makes you think that Rosedale “ain’t” that bad a place after all.

I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees
Down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees
Asked the Lord above for mercy, “Save me if you please”

Schizophrenia appears to be doting well for this band , perhaps the title of the album should be Quadrophenia but unfortunately that has already been used by The Who!
Awesome Mix Tape 1quadrophenia

Awesome Mix–Ming City Rockers Greatest Hits

Say what you will about the debut album by the Ming City Rockers but they truly shine and show a promising future. Music is where we store our mojo, hopes and dreams; it drives our souls to make us take notice and then make choices. This  just may be regarded as their greatest hits but Rock Bands of L.A. com just loves this band  we are hoping that they will venture to America and show us the will of the crossroads.

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