A few weeks ago afternoon D.J. at 91X, Michael Halloran turned me on to a new band by the name Little Hurricane. Mr. Halleron and I go back many many years and I recall the day he gave me a cassette (I’m showing my age now) and said I needed to listen to this because it was going to be important.
It turned out to be promotion copy of the debut album from Beck. The rest was history.

In an email he talks about a local San Diego band named Little Hurricane and assured me that I would like them.
Little Hurricane is fabulous! They often get compared to The White Stripes and The Black Keys by the press, but I heard something more special. So it’s popular and “politically correct” to make these associations because of these bands enormous stature. Guitarist, Anthony “Tone” Catalano, originally from Santa Cruz, CA.,  is easily a better vocalist and axe player than Jack White; admittedly he’s not as dapper of a dresser to White. Little Hurricane’s drummer and co-singer Celeste “c.c.” Spina possess so much charisma that she shares as the centerpiece of the band. Also she is extremely beautiful to watch.

I had liked The White Stripes and I feel that Jack White is cerebrally very music savvy but there’s not an even flow of White Stripes music like Little Hurricane. Their lyrics are more heart felt and they are directed to the heart under the auspices and essence of the blues. I learned that you don’t always have to live the blues to be able to play the blues. Simply said, these analogies are because they are a duo consisting of only a drummer and guitarist.

Tone and c.c. met through trading ads on Craig’s list and from the start they had musical synergy. They were connected by their mutual love and admiration of blues and jazz music.

Before c.c. moved to San Diego she was from Chicago where she worked as a cook at The House of Blues and she shared a story that I found interesting. Under the stage they have a mound of Mississippi mud! Perhaps the spirits of The Crossroads were “leant” to The House of Blues there in Chicago?

By the way, you don’t get to keep the spirits you can only have them for “loan”. This is the essence of the folklore behind Robert Johnson.

Nonetheless, Tone sings and plays guitar with spirited conviction. I’d look into his eyes and see that he is channeling to the blues spirits that makes him as brilliant as he is. While c.c is his conduit for the journey down south and transports him while he gets into “the zone”. She plays drums (and clearly stated that drums are her first instrument), harmonica and mandolin; but her greatest attribute I believe are her vocals. Her tonal style is reminiscent to that of Allison Krauss. “c.c.” has more talent than Meg White could ever hope for and without allpsychodramadrama. Little Hurricane takes all their emotions and put it to blues. Again, it’s not because of living a hard life or having unforgiving love, it’s because of their appreciation and respect to the genre. In the same was as early Rolling Stones recording were.

When asked what music “c.c.” grew up on she offered a cornucopia of musical treasures; The Beatles, Louis Prima and Perry Como. Yet she won’t deny while in her younger years she was taken by Chicago House and Jungle/Drum. I’m sure she’s danced to Felix da Housecat in the early hours of the morning.

The band works hard at their social networking and can easily be found on face book. The advice “c.c.” offered that I thought was most interesting is when I posed this question she bands should not bombard fans with irrelevant information. Post information to those that really care and don’t get carried away with nonsense. Spend your energy writing songs!

Through my research I discovered that they cover a song from the English band, Elbow, “Grounds for Divorce”. I asked about that track and “c.c.” said that they look for songs to cover and they thought that this track would be perfect to perform.

Once I hear that I realized that my passion for Little Hurricane was even greater. Lastly, this artist is going to go the distance. They have everything it takes to become popular.

Michael H. Halleron of 91X in San Diego