A highly underrated singer, at times redolent of Janis Joplin, the great Maggie Bell had been unable to secure a distinctive radiant career.  She first attracted notice when she jumped up on stage at a show in Glasgow to wail with Alex Harvey of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Impressed by her talent (and bawdy audacity) she started Stone The Crows.. a tough-luck, working class, progressive soul band that came out of the pubs of Scotland in the early ’70s. They had everything going for them at the start: not one, but two gritty singers, a talented guitarist, a rhythm section that had played with John Mayall and the name recognition of having being managed by Led Zeppelin’s manager, Peter Grant. Despite favorable reviews by  critics they never managed to sell their hybridized soul music to a large audience. In addition, they lost two of their key members early on, guitarist, was tragically (Les Harvey.. brother of Alex Harvey) electrocuted, and the group broke up after four albums. Bell’s greatest asset was her uncompromisingly foxy vocals on Rod Stewart’s, “Every Picture Tells A Story”. It was magical to say the least. The song even today is still considered a real nugget from a brief period in time when rock singers didn’t worry about what it meant to be rude — in fact, the ruder and cruder, the better.

Stone The Crows… Maggie Bell With Rod Stewart..

This great tradition lives on in Britain with the wonderfully talented, Mollie Marriott…The daughter of the late Steve Marriott…yes… The Small Faces and Humble Pie..Her songs range from seductive glow to a wounded pout. At times opaque yet you are enamored by her honesty. Maybe it’s just a broken mirror that keeps her real?  Mollie is intrinsically loyal to pain poised with misery.

The Marriott Family

Joyful precision seems almost ironic at times. Rooted in escapism there’s a seductive glow to her love wounded soul. Ambitious to make purposeful pop music, Ms. Marriott decides to eschew any long running narrative and reflect the troubled times we are in. In the current climate of laborious genre-hopping and guest vocals on throwaway chart tracks Mollie Marriott remains true to herself. She is consistent in her aesthetic demur by adding zeitgeisty elements to her sound without being dictated by them.. And for this reason she exists in a lonesome luxurious league of her own.

We at Rock Bands of L.A.com had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Marriott about her new album… Her tour with Bad Touch and her new video clip with Bad Touch covering the Ike & Tina smash “Baby Get It On”…
Rock Bands of L.A.com:

I know you’ve worked with Liam Gallagher and Paul Weller… quite a crew!! Who are some of your major musical influences?

Ms. Mollie:

My main influences are Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alanis Morrisette, Fleetwood Mac, Lana Del Rey and Florence and The Machine. I love the edge they bring and the honest raw poetic lyric. The melodies and harmonies are dreamlike and the way Cornell uses his voice with light and shade is critical as a vocalist for it to not get boring…

Rock Bands of L.A.com:

Your dad loved the blues.. do you share that same love affair? 

Ms. Mollie:

I do but it’s a few down the list on my main musical loves. . Back when I was drinking, I used to hang out in Saint Nothing But The Blues Bar in Kingly Street a lot and drink whiskey and stick to the floor and soak up the vibe. Blues without whiskey doesn’t taste the same ha ha. 

Mollie Marriott

Rock Bands of L.A.com:

I just had to ask this question… all our readers want to know… What was it like growing up in the shadow of such a respected musical force as your father… What did he use to listen to? What are some of your memories of your dad?

Ms. Mollie:

My Dad loved Opera as did my Mum so that was quite prominent in the household. Ray Charles and Otis Redding were his main repeats. Lots of soul and Tobacco smoke in the air. I can be difficult and it certainly is a tough one to figure out the people around you and if they are in your life for the right reasons. He certainly opened doors for me but it took some time to figure out if I wanted them so just left them adjar..

Rock Bands of L.A.com:

Who are some of your favorite artists today? You are going on the road with Bad Touch… brilliant rock band…Are you excited about that??? Can’t wait to hear your duet with Stevie Westwood/Bad Touch…Your new track, “Truth Is A Wolf”… Paul Weller played on it… Who produced it???

Ms. Marriott:

Lana Del Rey without a doubt. I love her no bullshit approach and it’s literally all about the music. Ben Howard is incredible and again he has the same vibe of doesn’t buy into the industry and you only hear from him when he’s got an album to promote. I also love Dorothy who I’ve recently got into. She is one bad ass Rock babe!!  I am looking forward to the tour, should be great! They are nice guys and should be fun! Paul played quite a big part in this album with his support and I am eternally grateful. It was produced by my dear friend Jan ‘Stan’ Kybert who does all Weller’s stuff and created that huge sound for Oasis. That was important to me to have that massive band sound.

Rock Bands of L.A.com:

How did you get involved with the musical, “All Or Nothing”??? I  would love to see it… any chance it’ll come to the States????

Ms. Mollie:

Carol Harrison who wrote it is a great friend of mine and about 5 years ago she brought it to me to look at. I became Vocal Coach and Creative Consultant for it and I must say I am so proud of it. Carols direction, writing and acting is just so fantastic and just totally brings the story to life. It’s dark edgy and so much fun. It’s certainly not a Juke Box Musical, it’s more a play with music but the actors actually play the instruments and they just sound great!  Wouldn’t it be great to get it to the states!! 

Here’s Mollie Marriott’s site… British tour with Bad Touch begins in November….


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