Mondo Cozmo’s ( aka Joshua Ostrander) track, “Shine” is a song festooned with human subjectivity and a phenomenon for the inner soul. There aren’t many songs where divine intervention strikes; but in a world that is taken by language, technology, politics and mass media there can be wisdom gleamed out of madness. Instead of projecting its ire outwards, “Shine” gazes’ inwards. It mixes house, classic soul and gospel in a way that simplicity reins over a world of unseeded complication. He is convincing and  sounds more than able to unleash the raw power necessary to make music crackle.  In a world where “songs” matter M.C. boasts of religious communion and the need for cannabis. “Shine” as a song never let’s go and the experience hits a maniacal galloping stride when it hits its bridge. If you are into connecting “musical dots” his antecedents are Brit-Pop 90’s bands.. Primal Scream, Soup Dragons, The Stone Roses and Brian Jones era Rolling Stones.


..Mondo Cozmo….. The Grave of Brian Jones

We had a chance to do an interview with Mondo Cozmo ( Mondo is from the 1969 John Water’s dark comedy, “Mondo Trash” and Cozmo is the name of Joshua’s dog) and ask about moving to L.A. from Philadelphia, musical influences/comparisons, the arduous task while working on his debut album.

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You come to L.A. via Philadelphia….. was your ambition always to be a musician? What music did you listen to as you were growing up? I definitely hear a lot of Brit pop ono the 90’s in “Shine”.. Primal Scream,, Soup Dragons and Brian Jones era Rolling Stones. Did your family have any effect on your musical tastes? Do you feel comfortable with the Dylan and Beck comparisons? Personally, I find it rather “shallow”.

 Mondo Cozmo:

Oh I dont care. I’m a causal Dylan fan, I don’t completely get the comparison, I thinks it cause I have a drawl when I sing.  I don’t get upset when people compare me to somebody.  I’m pretty easy.  My older brother introduced me The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Soup Dragons and such at a pretty early age and that was when I started playing guitar, so it must have stuck with me.  I think it’s the groove of the bass that makes everyone bring up the Brit pop stuff.

Rock Bands of L.A. com:

 This is a tough question and I thought long and hard whether I should ask it…   So what the fuck? In the lyrics to “Shine” you make reference to Jesus… are you in fact a religious man?  How much does faith matter in your music?


I get asked this a lot, I’m not totally sure how to answer it cause the song seems to be resonating with a lot of people, but for me it’s a song of hope. 


Mondo Cozmo….. Icon Film Director John Waters

Rock Bands of L.A. com:

What can we expect from your video of “Shine”??? What are your plans about making a full album? Do you feel the pressure of making a full album? “Shine” is really amazing!


The label wants a ‘big” video, so I assume the Shine video will be a “big” video. We are keeping with the female lead as we did with the Hold on to Me video. My buddy Drea De Matteo will star in the Shine video and we have another video starring Paz De La Huerta coming up too.  I loved the idea of having female leads in all the videos.  The full length is pretty much done, just needs to be mixed by Spike. I’m gonna take January and see if another song or two shows up. I write pretty quick and record everything in my bedroom so it’s not a massive undertaking to get stuff done.

Rock Bands of      We are going to see you at The Hotel Café… and we can’t wait…. Do you prefer performing than recording?

M.C:can’t believe I’ve never been asked this question. Last year I would have said recording, but the Mondo live shows are so powerful it has kind of renewed my love of playing. I am really excited to take the show on the road next year. 


There’s not much more greatness that can be said when a debut song could be the anthem that  propels..liberal political consciousness, personal empowerment, ecology and humanist values…His live show at the world famous Hotel Café was sold out with L.A’s music taste-makers in attendance. What we liked most was there was a great diversity in M.C.’s songs…  It wasn’t full of neophyte contradictions that most artist are inflicted with in their early stages.The song, “Plastic Soul” with its jaunty acoustic guitar licks  reveals his ability to craft  a clever hummable pop mantra in a quasi “Baja-Marimba”music sample.

We would like to thank Taylor Vaughn and Mondo Cozmo for their help and contributions.