It may be hard to believe, but Los Angeles has a great raw and exciting rock n’roll band.. The JacksThey are bluesy- boozy- and they romp like nobody’s fuckin’ business! They have proven it all  and could earn them the rightful place at the altar of  local Los Angeles rock and roll bands! with their current self-titled E.P. “The Jacks”.. Now available on EDGEOUT Records/UMe, produced by the renowned  Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Maroon 5, Blackberry Smoke). This five-song offering is a culmination of diligent work, determination and a deep-rooted passion for real rock and roll  music. The publicity “wonks” describe them as being reminiscent to the mid- 70’s British rock scene. It  would be wrong to claim that they don’t “dip their toes” into that sound.. but be honest, they don’t really blare like  other bands… its more like all the great ones rolled up into one! Any great rock and roll band grew up listening the fundamental rock music…The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. ..If you’re into straight.. in your face rock n’ roll… that is unwavering and delivers a driving beat that makes you crazy.. then you’ve come to understand the essence of The Jacks!

In a previous interview: “We’re trying to push the boundaries of the rock & roll genre by incorporating modern elements, but still keeping the core structure of a four-piece band,” singer/guitarist Jonny Stanback says. “We are creating a sound you’ve never heard before, but feels familiar.”

Their current track, “Walk Away” kicks in with infectious distorted guitar licks that wails over a boogie beat fortified by rumbling power chords. It immediately dives head first into a crunchy funky melody. Our fave song is “Are You Looking For Love?”.. it marries infectious rock riffs with a slick studio sound. Trust us… this will be in “repeat play” on your listening devices. The song that could very well be their “pais de resistance” is the “brit-pop” mid-tempo power- ballad, “Hello My Friend”.   Its early in this band’s career, but let the truth be told… their music stands on its own terms as a reflection of their stalwart confidence in becoming one of L.A.’s premier rock and roll bands. The Jacks are led by the  accelerated by the fiery lead guitar work/vocals of Tom Hunter..Jonny Standback.. Lead Vocals/Guitar.. Scott Stone.. Bass.. and Josh Roossin… Drums..  … it’s an undeniable battle royale!  They will surpass all expectations and solidify them as one of the most promising up-and-coming rock bands around.

We had a chance to interview Tom Hunter… guitarist and founding member of The Jacks…

Rock Bands of We love your band! … Its important that there’s another rock band in L.A… We need them…. When did you know you wanted to start a rock and roll band?… What’s your feelings about rock and roll here in Los Angeles? Any local bands you dig? What rock bands did you grow up listening to?? Your family’s influences? 

Tom Hunter: I was always into classic rock bands… The Stones, The Beatles and Zeppelin but for me it seemed to be just a pipe dream…and never thought it would ever happen..but when I met the rest of the band we started to write songs and decided to just go for it! I read your review on Dirty Honey..I saw them play at the Sonic Temple festival in Ohio…. and The Foo Fighters were headlining.. Dirty Honey seemed like cool guys.. There are a lot of new..young rock and roll bands in L.A. scene.. Its been going on for the last five years or so.. but its unique and different..and I’m excited about it.. My earliest song  memory was when my dad played Zeppelin, “Over The Hills and Far Away.”.. at the same time we’d be listening the The Beach Boys… it took a while to get into the Beatles but I ended up digging them…

Rock Bands of I think what’s cool is that you are not doing the whole “retro-thing”… Greta.. Zeppelin.. The Struts… British Glam…and Blackberry Smoke… Lynyrd Skynrd… I love all these bands… but The Jacks as much as the press  try to put your band in a “certain” box… In reality you are doing your own thing? I commend you for that!  You “swing and romp” which is why they say you are doing a British 60’s and 70’s deal…

Tom Hunter: Yeah, I don’t agree with any of that! We do have some of that “throwback” vibe, while on the other hand I think we’re pretty modern and alternative in a lot of respects.

Rock Bands of directed your video?? I think its phenomenal! Its simple and shows off the band accurately……

Tom Hunter: His name is Frank Hill…and we loved what he did.. It was filmed on a “green screen”.. and it made no sense but once completed  we’re total excited.

Rock Bands of are fighting for rock and roll here in Los Angeles.. Its going to be a tough but the tide is with us! What can be more rock and roll then a singer named Jonny Stanback !  You formed back  in 2016 so you’ve worked on your chops….  KLOS supported you…. 

Tom Hunter: Yeah, we’ve been around for over 3 years.. We were supported by KLOS . They played our single, “Walk Away”…  it was awesome… We can’t thank them enough.. We’ve heard it played in the early afternoon… Our social media fans went crazy. We have a gig at The Troubadour on July 26th and KLOS is presenting the gig.

A special thanks to Ms. Amanda Cagan of ABC Public Relations… The amazing… Tom Hunter of The Jacks… Band Pics courtesy of Ms. Ashley Osborne

The Jacks are going to be headlining at the world famous Troubadour on Friday July 26th….