Jewish rapper, Mac Miller  was found unresponsive on September 7th, 2018 at his Studio City, California home and authorities pronounced him dead just before noon though the time of death was hours earlier.  He was only 26 when he passed (another member of the 26 death club). The L.A. County Coroner’s Office later ruled Miller’s death an accidental overdose.. fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol were in the rapper’s system at the time of his death. A criminal complaint filed in the Central District of California alleges that Cameron James Pettit, whose age varies from 23 to 28 depending on reports, lived in the Hollywood Hills provided Miller with counterfeit pills that contained fentanyl. When officials arrived at Mac’s house, they determined that he had been deceased for hours and that the home was meticulously “wiped” clean of any drugs or paraphernalia. From the beginning it was considered a crime scene and that the L.A. Coroner was sent in for further investigation.  Text  messages from Miller’s phone that showed he, Pettit, and a third party setting up Miller’s purchase of drugs late on the night before he died. He ordered an array of drugs, which were delivered by Pettit at 2:25am on September 5th, two days before Miller’s death. According to the filing, Pettit allegedly gave Miller, who had been asking for “percs” (the painkiller Percocet), counterfeit oxycodone pills that instead contained fentanyl, cocaine, and Xanax. Miller had also had genuine percocets delivered that night, according to the filing, but used the drugs provided by Pettit the night he died.

The charges also mentioned Pettit is one of three suspects who were responsible for Miller’s death. He did not act alone! It is not known yet if the other two have been charged, but Pettit was taken into custody Wednesday morning. The paperwork references a prostitute and a madam that also supplied Miller with oxys, hydrocodone, amphetamine, Xanax, and coke. According to the charging documents law enforcement recovered a plastic bag from a coat hanging in Miller’s bathroom closet, which contained the following pills: ‘six round blue pills imprinted with a ‘V’ on the side and ’48-12′ on the other (the ‘Counterfeit Oxycodone pills containing Fentanyl)