The recording industry is unfortunately slow to act! Luckily over the last few years it has belatedly started to get its shit together trying to cash in on it all; only coming to the party when the party has already come and gone. Performers are now lost in pop wilderness when the now generation is stuck with music that “features” anybody they can get. Its as if they’ve lost their shadow.  L.A. crooner Nicky Blitz is in touch with his own self. There’s really nothing super different about Blitz, other than his songs resonates of partying and not giving a fuck. He carroms between the sulkiness of  Nick Cave.. the caustic wry of  LCD Sound System.. the “whiplash snicker” of Billy Idol and  the the “jukebox” diversity of the retro rockabilly singer, Robert Gordon… I know… I know.. I’m throwing a lot out there… Blitz utilizes all the weapons that rock and roll  can muster. Lyrically it’s all  about the irony of Shakespeare and the comic flamboyance of Moliere.. You  never thought tragedy could sound so righteous!

I had the chance to speak with Blitz and he was just fantastic!

Rock Bands of did you realize you wanted to get into music?

Blitz: I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and music was my whole life… In High School I hung out with this producer.. Aqua and he turned me on to a beat machine. Honestly, I’m a  privileged white kid from  the “Valley”.  I worked for Trauma Records … I think  I was 14 or so…  I swept the office… I was a runner… I did whatever it took, it was pretty much “bitch” work… and I  was into smoking tons of pot.   My parents were pretty normal with their musical tastes… Springsteen… Van Morrison and Fleetwood Mac.. At times my father and I would butt heads but overall my family were pretty cool.My first concert was Michael Jackson and that’s all it took! I wanted in on music….

Rock Bands of Your name,,, “Nicky Blitz” is this a made up character… Your alter ego?

Nicky Blitz: My friends gave me the name after I went out with this hot  older chick that went to a local high school… I remember I just got my braces off.. we got way fuck-up drunk. One thing led to another… It felt like it was “God’s” work.From then on my home boys referred me as Nicky Blitz.. it just stuck….My friends would tell me I sound like Elvis, Joy Division and Jim Morrison… At the end of the day… I wanted to be the guy wearing a designer suit with a bolo tie. At 33 years old I got signed as “Nicky Blitz” with Atlantic Records… and fuck the “EMO” shit… lets just have some fun!

Rock Bands of You went to school in Miami… this when your career really kicked in?

Blitz: I just worked hard doing the music thing.. Majored in advertising… I was lucky enough to get some music placed in an MTV show and commercials…. It was not that hard for me. It came naturally… My songs were recorded by Miley Cyrus, Icona Pop and Juliet Simms…With my business partner we opened  “Honor Roll” Studio in Miami which hosted artists like Diplo, FKA Twigs, Boys Noize, and Pharrell Williams. I  got tired of other people singing my songs for my demos. The solo thing started as sort of a lark. In my early 20’s I lived between L.A… N.Y. and Miami. The idea of making money with commercials allowed me to do my own thing.  When I was around 27 I had one of my songs in a Honda commercal. My first major foray as a solo artist came in 2012 with the single “Blast Off”. 

Blitz is part tent revival evangelist, part lounge singer and part lady killer. There’s one thing that’s reassuring…Blitz always owns the room! When he performs you don’t want to be the band that plays after him… he has already “sucked the air out of the audience”…He’s intelligent, thoughtful, insightful and has a mastery of melodies. There’s a wonderful macabre sense of humor behind the veil of cynicism.Blitz could have a lasting  impact on music, attitude and fashion tastes. Its like nothing you’ve ever heard. Besides, his songs come with a  unique energy all flowing at the same time.  Still  morphing  in his  early years, there is no change to that macho male poise he launched from the beginning .  Above all, he’s a fantastic songwriter and showman with an utterly fun style. At his recent club date at the world famous Mint club,  I found myself muttering, “turn it up” sunshine… cause this is the future shape of sound.