Since the early beginnings of rock music 3-piece bands have floored audiences with their powerful sound. It started with The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream who amazed fans with their synchronicity…  There is something “super” associated with power trio rock bands. The aesthetics and sound of trios is at another level. Over the years critics have opined that rock trios lack a complete sound, while every time three members equipped with a guitar bass and drums have proven them wrong.  The vocalist either plays the bass or the rhythm/lead guitar. Over the years the music world has witnessed some of the tightest grooves emerging in rock trios. Rush… ZZ Top..Green Day….The Police..Nirvana… Muse.. Double Trouble.. The James Gang.. you get the idea!


The Welsh three-piece band Budgie have had their songs covered by Metallica, Soundgarden, Iron Maiden and Guns N Roses… not to shabby! In the early 70s the abstemious Welshmen had toured extensively with Judas Priest supporting and were known for laying down the tightest rock and roll in the land…they didn’t fuck around! If you weren’t into “boogie rock and roll” you may as well get the fuck out and go fuckin’ home! You’d pity any band that went on after them… They just sucked all the air out the crowd! Budgie’s fortunes were certainly moving at a high speed as the 70s unfolded. Formed back in 1968, they’d busted their way out of South Wales with barely a backward glance. They acquired a fanatical grass-roots following that was in total contrast to the “pissing” they regularly suffered from the music press.

All you had to do was listen to their dossier of songs titles, “Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman” … “Hot As A Docker’s Armpit”(inspired from a punch line to a joke as told by Steve Marriott) and “Homicidal Suicidal”.. punning – those literary devices you can take  them one way or the other.  and they would bring concert goers into a total chaotic frenzy.. The album art was equally individual; and Roger Dean’s (artist behind Yes’s album covers) distinctive illustrations seemed to lend the band a thuggish charm. Every Budgie release had a picture of a parakeet with a man’s body.. I know… you think I’ve totally lost my mind!

The Bad Flowers

British rock trio,The Bad Flowers have “gobsmacked” fans with their brand of “no holds- barred” boogie rock and roll.. The newly released debut album, “Starting Gun” produced by Adam Beddow, proves that America has a long way to go to catch up with these Cannock lads. If The States can only come up with Greta Van Fleet then it’s “game over”! ( Don’t get me wrong, we do love GVF)..  The Bad Flowers are Tom Leighton (vocals/guitars), Dale Tonks (bass) and Karl Selickis (drums)… Together they kicks ass … they are that good…Its their ability to harness Hendrix-inspired riffing to a rocks-steady  beat  that gives The Bad Flowers their musical “Quah”.  Leighton, is a masterful singer and plays the guitar with a “rock star” walloping virtuosity. Their lead track, “Thunder Child” is obvious..   but “Who Needs a Soul” and “Rich Man” are invariable riff rock romps.. But the song “Let’s Misbehave” is where Leighton’s vocals soar and is a true “rock star”.. A stone cold stunner!…

We at Rock Bands of had the pleasure to interview Tom Leighton…

Rock Bands of  I’ve read about all your influences from your press package… But what were you raised on? Cream? Hendrix? Rush?…. Did you have brothers that would turn you on to the best shit?

Tom Leighton:  Such a wide range! Led Zep was the first band that grabbed Karl and I’s attention, Dale was a huge Black Sabbath fan. Its actually all from our parents rather than anyone else. Hendrix was then a huge influence on me, even to the point that we play our own version of Voodoo Child. When Dale and i were growing up we stumbled across a band from Colorado that were playing our local venue in Birmingham a trio called Rose Hill Drive, they blew our minds and that was that… 3 piece all the way. 

Rock Bands of I always ask this question to rock bands… Is rock and roll dying?

Leighton: Oh hell no! There are so many amazing rock bands out there a the moment, theres groups cropping up on social media celebrating this “New Wave Of Classic Rock” there’s so much support for the bands that are out there doing it i don’t think its anywhere near dead!

Rock Bands of For practical purposes, Bad Flowers are a power trio… Did you ever think of adding another member? Would another musician fill out the sound? By the way you guys really “wail”… You don’t pussy around… you just get it on!

Leithton: We’ve always been a 3 piece and i think the dynamic is perfect for us,  we’ve worked really hard to make it sound like there’s more than just the three of us, Dales bass playing is a massive part of this. He fills the gaps where you’d expect an rhythm guitar to be perfectly. I think adding another member would undo a lot of what we’ve done and how we’ve learned to play together. 

4.Rock Bands of In your bio… Dale (bass player) really reflected on the process for making the album… the up’s and down’s.. What was the experience like? Did you play a lot of gigs and was it tough to translate the sound  into a record?’

Leighton:We’ve played a lot of shows yes, we were out there every week playing in pubs and clubs, even when we were recording the album we’d have shows or we’d be on tour in between sessions. The ups and downs Dale’s talking about i think are more of the personal ones we all had individually, but the way we write is always from the heart and i know from a personal level that some of the songs on the album wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the experiences. 

“Starting Gun”.. The Bad Flowers

Rock Bands of Do you have any plans to tour America?

Leighton: Nothing in the pipe line right now but its definitely on our agenda for the future, we’ve played with some great bands from America so we’d love to come over and play some shows! It’s the dream! 

I want to thank Tom Leighton of The Bad Flowers and the amazing.. Peter Noble… just great !

Here’s The Bad Flowers web-site with tour information…