It was at the dawn of the ’70s when guitar “assassin” Mick Ronson was introduced to folksinger David Bowie (via a mutual friend, producer Tony Visconti). Although Bowie had already enjoyed some chart success as a solo artist (namely his 1969 hit single, “Space Oddity”), he wanted to branch out into other musical styles; especially hard rock with a strong visual edge. Ronson was commissioned to create Bowie’s new backing band; and in return, Ronson brought along his old Hull, England chums,,, Trevor Boulder on bass and Mick “Woody”  Woodmansey on drums. It took a few releases for the new group to solidify their look and sound (1970’s The Man Who Sold the World, 1971’s Hunky Dory), but it was on their third release that the group hit pay dirt, Ziggy Stardust” — and the first that the “Hullensian” trio were referred to as The Spiders From Mars.

David Bowie & The Spiders From Mars..

“Palaye Royale” are Rock and Roll’s newest “poster child”…The soundtrack to the entropy culture. Their recent sold out performance at the world-famous Roxy proves they aren’t a band that is about to get lost within its own shadow. They play for vengeance and not glory. Palaye Royale resonates  with their hack culture fans by turning fear into a fantasy! They are a rock n’ roll band that are so close to heaven yet so far from God! Damn… let’s call it.. “White Boy Gospel”!

Clockwise.. Billy Idol, The New York Dolls, Souxsie And The Banshees, Bauhaus

Stylistically they are the propulgated by the decadence of Glam Punk (Billy Idol and the New York Dolls) and the necromanticism of Goth (Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees). They were in support of rock band Pop Evil; who are hitting the road hard in support of their newly released album, “Pop Evil”. Their debut track, “Waking Lions”  is blowing the doors off at Active Rock Radio.

Palaye Royale are a Las Vegas trio by way of Toronto, Canada., as I witnessed first-hand,  had pretty much sucked all the air out of the room! There was no contest!. They gave an inspiring performance with a fuckin’ mighty wallop. Tracks from their album, Boom Boom Room (side A).. “Get Higher” and “Don’t Feel Quite Right” blew me away!

The “axis” of the band consists of Remington Leith on vocals, Sebastian Danzig on guitars/keyboard and finally, Emerson Barrett on drums.   Following their show, the band gleefully greeted “punters” (or as they refer to them as…. The Soldiers of the Royal Council) with pictures and autographs.

Palaye Royale

If you are like me and you like raucous rock n’ roll don’t miss this band…These lads can’t decide whether they’re throwing a party like it’s the end of the world… or an apocalyptic performance for the end of the party! The word is out.. If you’re in a rock group that goes on stage after Palaye Royale then you need to reconsider your occupation! Consider yourself warned and call your manager.

Special thanks to Ms. Stephanie Rachel with The Parliament Mgmt.

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