Bath, England is an extraordinary place in so many ways. “Bathonians” are dedicated to live life to its fullest with its extraordinary architecture,  prolific writers/artists and musicians….Tears for Fears, Peter Gabriel and Midge Ure all natives of Bath. But now there’s a new band that is taking notice.. “Pink Hotel” and they are backed by their charismatic singer and guitarist, Samuel Gotley. His songs are galvanized by truth. Much like the connect between Bruce Springsteen and the plight of the working class. His stories are relatable and offer stories about the misfortune.

There’s a lot about satire and context in this age of muddled, phony narratives and hyper-partisan group thoughts. Perhaps fun rock music is still being made but it isn’t being played at my local terrestrial radio stations; so I’m not aware of it. It looks like pretentiousness has taken over rock music. The atonal sounds of EDM has seemed to destroy the brain cells of our young! If a song doesn’t have a serious meaning, it has no right to exist. Rock fans decry the death of “real music.” This is a turn off to many people who want music to serve different purposes. Sometimes, it should be fun; and perhaps enlightening. Sometimes, it should be serious. Sometimes it should be about things we can relate to whether that’s falling in love or a painful breakup. Sometimes it can deal with social issues. This is what music is supposed to do..take you from here to there . Thank goodness for Pink Hotel!

Pink Hotel Floater04

lWith radio diversifying, the moment is ripe for guitar driven rock to come back. Someone needs to come along who makes guitar driven rock that can appeal to pop audiences, as well as rock. Maybe the rock purists won’t like the form it takes because it doesn’t sound exactly like 60’s and 70’s corporate rock. Like me, there are those musical diatribes who consider a group like Linkin Park inauthentic; because they mix rock and metal with rap and hip hop. Even country music has morphed into “Bro” Country with its beats festooned with lyrics that talk about getting drunk, pick-up trucks and getting dumped by a girlfriend. But that shouldn’t matter. Music has always evolved and changed and it always will. Great music has always incorporated influences from other genres. I would prefer to see rock change and become more popular rather than fall into the abyss of Classic Rock.

Much of this dilemma is due to the state of rock music here in America. What’s happening now are American bands going across the pond to England and Europe to break(Rival Sons). Moreover, there are Brit bands that sound more “American” than American bands (The Temperance Movement).  Pink Hotel have recently released an almost perfect E.P. with 7 tracks… I guess if they put on one more song I’d have to call it an album. We first became familiar with Samuel Gotley from his earlier band Carousels & Limousines. Pink Hotel doesn’t pick up where C&L’s left off but it is encouragingly close. I’ve met Gotley twice and he’s seriously thoughtful about his music… But this stringent conduct is what can make a rock band great; along with perseverance, drive and a tremendous work ethos.


I was fortunate to get Sam Gotley to do an interview…

Rock Bands of L.A. com:

We first met when you were with Carousels and Limousines. It was a phenomenal album to say the least… Now there’s Pink Hotel…  Does C&L not exist anymore? How would you say that Pink Hotel’s “sound” differs from C&L? Who produced Pink Hote?

Sam Gotley:

When a couple of the members left the band the rest of us decided to do some writing and what we ended up with didn’t feel like a Carousels record so we decided to do something new. It was produced by Dom Bailey at his studio “9 volt leap studios” just outside Bath where we are from and he also played drums on the record.

Rock Bands of L.A. com:

I know you and your wife have a “side” project which has a more “soulful” spin..How do you keep if all different and fresh.. I did love your take on “Beast of Burden”..

Sam Gotley:

Yes, Broken Bones Matilda is a collaboration with one of the guys who was in Carousels, my wife and two other guys and we’ve gone for a more as you say soulful and country/bluesy vibe. It’s really fun to do something like that where I can concentrate more on guitar and harmonies. It’s also more acoustic and vocal based so it’s nice to try a different approach where the songwriting is concerned.

“Neon Clouds” which is probably my fave song… but they are all great..It’s theme  hits me like a Springteen song.. the passion of a young couple being together.. I may be way off but does it follow a personal experience?


I think I wrote that one after coming back from tour in America the first time, we toured from Chicago to LA and saw a lot of desert and mountains. It’s part road trip part young love story and you are spot on with the Springsteen reference…the Boss is always in there somewhere!

The song, “Modern Times”…a great video..In an age of muddled, phony narratives and hyper-partisan groups you eschew from lyrical cliche’s and examine a relationship in a very sober way… making it real..


Thank you! With Modern Times we wanted to give a sense of who we are nowadays as a society and where we might end up. No one seems satisfied with what they have and there is a feeling that everyone wants more which might eventually be our downfall. A boy & a girl meet in a dystopian city and fall for each other, the overall theme being Love triumphing over evil with a little politics thrown in for good measure!

Any Plans to tour America??:

We are working on getting some dates together so hopefully sometime late 2017 we will be over in the States.

PH Floater 2

I want to thank both Sam and Sarah Gotley for their time and friendship