What once was industry jargon and urban legend has more or less been proven by cold, hard statistics. In 2017, by way of elaborate algorithmic calculations music geeks compared the scores of 80 prized debut albums to those of their follow-ups, discovering that 68.25% of the time the grades dropped and that was for acts across all genres, cultures and historical periods.

Here’s the problem with that study. None of the numbers account for context; which is why albums like Weezer’s “Pinkerton” or Oasis’ (What’s the Story) Morning Glory or Psyche music prognosticators.. The Doors’… “Strange Days”( Mr.Howard Stern capriciously knocked down The Doors… saying they were overrated )… Jimi Hendrix.. “Axis As Bold As Love”..    were  considered slumps in the interactive charts. Even though they’ve since been heralded as incredibly influential records that changed their respective genres.

The Doors                                         Nirvana

Still there are plenty of examples where the ratings actually speak to the slump. For example, is anyone going to agree that Nas’ “It Was Written was a triumph over Illmatic? Or how about New York proto -punk band…Television’s  “Adventure” over “Marquee Moon”? There may be a well warranted argument over newly Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee …The Moody Blues, “Days of Future Passed” vs. “In Search of the Lost Chord”

Fuckin’ eh, Nirvana’s follow up to the album ,“Bleach”  was “Nevermind” …a life changing experience when they were the musical soundtrack for Generation X.. Sometimes the hurdle is just too high to jump, and that’s when the respective numbers (at times) make sense. Like a Greek  or Shakespeare tragedy ..Debut albums that have the greatest success are then burden with the seeds of eminent failure. Of course, the term “sophomore slump” was precisely derived from L.A. band…The Knack.Why not just submit to the same fate by giving up on any forward motion and just call it quits! How in the world was Pearl Jam ever going surpass the brilliance of “10”? No fuckin’ way! Be it from me to have the “chutzpah” to claim that Led Zeppelin II is better than its antecedent, Led Zeppelin I!

Led Zeppelin I                                             Led Zeppelin II

But there have been many exceptions to the rule. Some artists have been able to top themselves triumphantly and it’s those rare moments that we’re invested in today. As a goof, while you are in a music list recollection piece of mind; what do you believe to be the 10 greatest sophomore albums of all time? The ones that changed everyone’s lives. The ones that might very well be their best.

The Record Comapny

Everything in music goes in cycles, especially when sounds and styles are in fashion. Just as one generation’s contributions are relegated to the past, the next one coming down the line finds inspiration in the music that came before; and newcomers revitalize the sounds of yesterday making the old sounds new again. The past few years have seen a number of exciting talents pop up who are injecting blues into their music. Making the once-stale genre fresh and relevant for a new generation. 2015 was  especially a eat year for the updated modern version of the blues or “nu-blues,” as many genres have been called in the past decade or so. While blues once topped the charts decades ago it has been quietly living on in dignity, in spite of being out of the spotlight for a long time now.

There are still plenty of exceptionally talented musicians that are keeping the craft going strong. L.A. rock and roll band (referring to them as a blues band is like leaving money at the tables), The Record Company released their debut album in 2016 which consists of early E.P.’s and singles. They took off on the road and showed that Los Angeles is a rock and roll town. Their live performances just keep on getting bigger and better. When bands grapple for fame and glory The Record Company shows  that they have the endurance to become a huge artist.  The first record was a fantastic combination of R&B, soul and all juxtaposition of the blues; it twas’ the sort of collection that caught on with an audience that likely had no sense of where these sounds came from or of which legends inspired them. But great just the same.. They were nominated for a Grammy and by the grace of God they DIDN’T win! There is no telling how long this relatively new love affair with The Record Company will go, but it’s not likely that the world has heard the last of this throwback inspired rock band!

The Record Company are in the studio preparing the finishing touches to their  “sophomore” album“All of This Life,” out June 22. We love the first track to death… I’ve never been this emphatic about a band but this is great stuff…  Please bring this one home…“Life To Fix” is a great record…. from even a greater band…  Let the truth be told..Viva The Record Company…