The hollow winds of Northwest Texas bellows of self-awareness in regards to redemption, reverence and the fear of retribution. It makes way for the perfect storm for singer songwriter Ronnie Eaton.  He is self-proclaimed by his fear of eternal purgatory ; his  tattoos – working class hero and psalms from the bible . At times he’s despondent by his surroundings yet he continually assists in helping the poor in hope his soul will be sanctified by a higher source. Eaton has been around Lubbock Texas for quite some time so he’s no stranger to the rudiments required for success.  Many artists do like Eaton by giving back to their community. But with him it’s a compulsion to drive to neighboring communities with his band “the Cold, Hard Truth” the glow  of inspiration by his fans.

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Ronnie Eaton

He’s certain of God but will not succumb to his music described strictly as “Christian” inspired. His first album, “The Moth Complex” was released in 2013. The compelling track, “Smile and Nod” oozes of Eaton’s vulnerability to uncertainty with the line “I could break myself and break your heart”.  What may be mistaken as being somber is really reverence and self-meditation. When too many songwriter seek closure Eaton seeks answers.

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Ronnie’s newest album, “What If We Are Ghosts”  released earlier this year offers a fuller sound because of the addition of his band.. the Cold, Hard Truth”. One would ambitiously believe that their name was derived from a George Jones’ song titled, “The Cold Hard Truth” but Eaton cleared that up. It was just conjured up by the band’s bass player.  With the addition of a full band he sings about his requital according to merit. The album opens with the song “Amen” which exposes Eaton  to the rewards as a result of judgement. What makes Ronnie Eaton’s music so compelling is that as much as he questions his faith he forges forward in lieu of righteousness as bestowed by his maker.

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I want to thank Ronnie for his “great vibe” and for Wes Nessman turning me on to Mr. Eaton…