The Aussie band Royston Vasie  derived their name  from a town or perhaps a village known as  Royston Vasey  from a dark comedic British T.V. show“ League of Gentleman”  whose Mayor is played by the controversial English comedian  Roy Cubby Brown acting as it’s mayor.  The show features the trial and tribulations of a small English working class town named Royston Vassey . The band formed in Melbourne in 2009 mixing the sounds of Velvet Underground, Oasis and the Rolling Stones. They are able to turn air into cottage cheese.

royston vaseyroy-chubby-brown-28698034

There was a sign erected as you enter that says maliciously “Welcome to Royston Vasey..You’ll never leave” which is a moto for our band”, as mentioned by vox/guitarist Leigh Hardingham.  The band’s signature song is entitled “All The Little People” which takes a pop trip that chimes with the crescendo that bellows “cigarettes and alcohol”. Mindful of The Kinks backhanded social commentary this band subtlety uses humor and satire for political reflection of the economic class system in their home land. All their songs take on the perspective that class mobility is impossible. Drummer Pat Nichols hinted about their political side swiping, “I think we all have concerns with what is currently going down in the Australian political system.. It’s a bit of a worry when your Prime Minister is the butt of the worlds’ jokes.” 



The Kinks                                                     Royston Vasie

All humor aside the Aussie band are really interesting. Their song writing usually resorts to a chanting mantra within each chorus. Some may be critical of this song structure but I find it more indelible and easier to sing along; I don’t sing nor do I whistle.They went to Portland Oregon to record the album with the assistance of Collin Hegna for The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  He really lassoed Royston Vasie and created a body of work that is modern in every sense of the word and is metaphorically significant.“I think that Collin and his music definitely had a huge influence on the way we write our songs, just listening to those bands give you great ideas on how to extend “intro’s” and really push parts of our songs to make them a little bit different and interesting”, According to  Cam Mitchell guitarist with R.V..

collin hegna  Psychoville-cast-002royston flag

                      Collin Hegna Producer of R.V.

It’s intriguing that a nation from “down under” that is so large and yet so far away maintains a bit of musical isolationism . It may be said that they are a musical decade from Europe and the America. Yet  some of the most iconoclastic music has been born in down under. Artists from AC/DC, Nick Cave, The Delta Riggs, Icehouse, Daddy Cool, Hoodoo Gurus, The Walking Who and Midnight Oil all have had worldly contributions to global music it’s just sort of out of step…Guitarist Cam told Rock Bands of L.A. com came up with a brilliant analysis about my thesis, “I think our isolation has been a huge influence on Aussie music as we tend to make up our own styles and movements to suit what’s going on in our area. I’m not sure how much that applies today with Spotify and iTunes etc. as we can access pretty much anything we want to now but I guess we have a pretty unique outlook on music.”

“You Want it Now”.. from Royton Vasie

Their anticipated album “Water Colours” was recorded in less that five days creating a 60’s psychedelic party-like jam. When the League of Gentlemen (Royston Vasie) came to the U.S they chronicled their entire trip beginning in Los Angeles and took them to Portland, OR. which is located on their website. Quite a road trip indeed..  Within their bio they name themselves after famous NBA players circa.. 1990: It’s kind of like a Mount “Dunkmore” as I see it.


Basketball’s Mount “Dunkmore”

Royston Vasie’s  dream team and use these names as aliases for where ever they go…

muggsey sprewell_200ClydeJohn Stockton

Guess who these 90’s NBA All Stars are? Go to their website for the answers…..

I wanted to thank the following all stars… David “Muddie” Mudie, Royston Vasie and of course Ms JustinePenkliss for their help, dedication , peace and love…. Long Live Royston Vasie…


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