Scott Weiland’s death came as no surprise by purported music pundits. The Internet was inundated with posts saying that his death was as much to be expected. Scott’s bouts with addictions were well known; but along with being his burden to bear it also created his genius. If anyone who has had the affliction themselves or with a loved one it becomes a slippery slope .  With Every entrance into rehab it starts with detox, which is the worst of all.  Then there’s the graduation into “intervention” where all the attendees spill their guts to perfect strangers with wired minds that are suppose to embrace you.  Let’s not forget the commitment to the 12 step program where you acquire a sponsor and the revelation of God begins and you apologize to people for what you’ve done. Weiland had been sober for almost 13 years and had believed the monkey was off his back. Concealing the pain he became victim of perfection. Unfortunately, when you play in the devil’s playground the numbers are working against you!

Scott Weiland as a kidScott Weiland Jail

A Young Weiland…. Weiland’s Arrest Pictures

One of rock and roll’s greatest myths is the infamous “27 Club”….Hendrix, Cobain, Joplin, Morrison and Winehouse et. al. are all elite members.. All dying  from a myriad of toxic causes. The demons of destruction took all of them too early. As Neil Young said, “It’s better to burn out than fade away”. Weiland outlived this fraternity of spirits by over 20 years of spirits but his story was no different than theirs.

Hendrix PoliceMorrison PoliceWinehouse

Scott Weiland was painfully brilliant. He was more of a symbolic chameleon than a mere singer in a rock band.  Bowie fans would be elated when his fashion statements were being introduced with the release of a new album… Weiland would alter his persona daily… He would come out wearing a tight mini skirt, Frank Sinatra tuxedo, a demented officer of the SS police while singing through a megaphone. You never knew what to expect from Weiland; all you knew was it was going to be “ace”.

Weiland Dressscott weiland 1

”People don’t know me. They know what someone’s opinion is. And they know my songs. But they really don’t know me”. God bless him,  he has always had a taste for glitz. In the dark, grungy days of the early nineties, when the Stone Temple Pilots singer was surrounded by a sea of dive bar t- shirts and ratty jeans, he clung to his designer threads. A self-described “fashion whore” who favors Gucci shoes, Weiland claimed, “People like being able to see someone larger than life. Being a rock star is exciting. It’s fun.”

Tumble in the Rough
I  can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t live, I can’t cry

I can’t die, I can’t walk, I can’t talk

I can booze, I can booze, steal your shoes so I can move

Tumble in the rough, tumble in the rough, tumble in the rough
I’m looking for a new medication
Still looking for a new way to fly
Don’t want any plastic validation
Not looking for a new way to die
I made excuses for a million lies
But all I got was humble kidney pie
So what!