Don’t roll back your  eyes back! I know what you’re thinkin’! What’s next? Give me a fuckin’ break! Oh.. Mercury must be in retrograde.. The term retrograde comes from the Latin word retrogradus, which literally means “backward step.” retrograde is when a planet appears to go backward in its orbit; as viewed from Earth. Astronomers refer to this as “apparent retrograde motion,” because its an optical illusion. The opposite of retrograde is direct or prograde motion. Believers in the malevolent power of Mercury retrograde blame the phenomenon for everything from arguments to lost mail or luggage to automobile accidents and warn people to hold back on conducting important business during this time.

All this is hogwash….  The newly released debut album from The Allman Betts Band, titled “Down To The River” is smokin’….  The band consists of the sons of The Allman Brothers Band.. Devon Allman on guitar/vocal… Duane Betts on guitar/vocal and Berry Duane Oakley on base/vocals… It was recorded during Thanksgiving 2018  in Muscle Shoals (same studio the Allman Bros. recorded) and produced by Grammy Awards winner.. Matt Ross-Spang… The album was not recorded digitally… all the songs were recorded with vintage gear using two-inch analog tape.

The Allman Betts Band are a heavy white blues group out of the deep south. They look like the post-teen punk band rehearsing next door and there is little in their music that we haven’t heard before. For all the white “blooze” bands proliferating today it’s still inspiring when the real Southern rock band comes along. A group who’ve transcended their schooling to produce a volatile blues-rock sound of pure energy, inspiration and love. The Allman Betts Band have learned their lessons well, and they play with the same drive and conviction as their fathers. When I first put this album on the driving debut track, “All Night” opens with clean ringing guitar riffs. The track  “Shinin” is where they begin to turn air into cottage cheese.

The Allman Betts Band know what they’re doing, and feel it deeply as well; they communicate immediately. One of the virtues of a simple, standardized form like the blues is that when played right it’s such a comfortable place to return to. It had become the envy of all Brit rock bands. “Down To The River” is like that. You’ve been here a thousand times before, and it feels like home instead of mind-numbing banality because the Allmans Betts Band have mastered the form with rare subtlety. and also because their blues keep you vibrating from one brilliant hard rock interpolation to the next.

The song, “Melodies Are Memories” is where the album just cuts loose… the album’s pinnacle moment for me.. a beautiful, aching blues lament. It begins with a side guitar and pulsing organ and throaty, movingly understated vocal all about a man whose world is crumbling around him. A familiar story, but the way it’s written and delivered by the A.B.B. makes it poignantly realistic and universal. It might seem strange to apply the adjective “lovely” to a heavy-white-blues album, but that is what this record so paradoxically is. Sometimes it sounds like what Led Zeppelin might have been if they weren’t hung up on mysticism. Admittedly it resounds like their father’s records… subtle, honest and moving. We love this album..


A special thanks to “The Godfather” of Press… Peter Noble and Ms.  Michaela Sauter