There’s little known here in America regarding the Latina Diva…. Mon Laferte . Yet, her confessions are embedded within tormentous love songs. Each tune is like a mini “novella” unraveling with stories of amorous  distrust and deceit.

Ms. Laferte was born in 1983 in the quiet village of  Viña del Mar, Chile. Her musical tastes ranges from Led Zeppelin to the late Juan Gabriel..  she’s most like the late legendary singers Selena and Amy Winehouse in body and soul. Laferte studied music at a early age and at the age of 13 her parents  had stepped up and sent her to a Chilean  music conservatory where she developed her songwriting skills.

In 2003 Laferte released her first album in Chile using her given name Monserrat Bustamante.. It was met with great raves but her singing career hit a road block in 2009 when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. As horrific as this news was she was cured with minimal  evasive treatment. Instead, opted for homeopathic recovery and became a strict vegan. Fearing that her career was stagnating she moved to Mexico City and took on the name… Mon Laferte.. She joined up with an all girl heavy metal …Mystica Girls and all looked good for her career but her heart was really into indigenous Tejano sounds that she had grown up listening to.

Overnight her life changed….. the music of Mon Laferte won the hearts of all Latin speaking countries garnering Youtube plays in the 1oo’s millions!…The current single, “Amárrame” is a duet with Colombian rock superstar , Juanes which is viral throughout the world.. and she’s embarking on her first sold out tour of America……